April Fool’s!

April 1st has some interesting history.

Researched by Sarah Robertson indicates it’s been celebrated in the UK since the beginning of the 19th century and children were commonly the victim of its jokes. But a school of historians believes it goes back many years earlier – to the days of the 14th-century poet Chaucer. Andrea Livesey, a historian from the University of Bristol, said: ‘Some have argued that a story told by early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century – where a fox plays a prank on a rooster (who is almost eaten because of it) – is the first reference to pranks taking place on the first of April.’ FRANCE – CIRCA 1900: April fool. (Pic: Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images) Another school of thought is that it comes from calendars. This is because thousands of years back in Roman times there was a celebration called the Renewal Festival when it was the start of a new season and things went a little haywire in society with servants playing jokes on their masters. March is the time of the Spring Equinox, so people think the joker tradition could come from this with those who celebrated the new year in January thinking the ones who continued to celebrate it at the end of March had to be fooled and had jokes played on them. Fishing is also another theory because in some parts of Europe, back in the 15th century an April Fool’s Day prank is to stick a fish to someone’s back and it is actually known as April Fish Day in some areas of Europe. While we don’t know its origins for sure, come 1 April you’d better be alert and not get pranked!

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/27/april-fools-day-2018-idea-start-7420835/?ito=cbshare

Have FUN today!



Learn from everyone!

I have several mentors in my daily life…those people who teach me how to be, do, and have. And those who teach me the best mental way to live.










I share a lovely affirmation/mantra today, from my friend and mentor Marie:

My life is a Glorious Celebration!

Miracles occur in the field of my beholding consciousness!

I am an agent for spiritual advancement on this planet!

My acts of generosity quicken the flow of abundance in my life!

In the spirit of gratitude, I live these words of truth! And so it is!



Learn from everyone; follow no one.


Yoga, rain, and happiness

The St. Louis  skies remain gray and full of rain. Non-stop cold rain… teeming down from the sky. Of course, that doesn’t stop me!

I completed auto tasks, food shopping tasks, and even laundry tasks in the deluge.

The grand finale of the day took place in a huge empty room with willow chandeliers overhead: a yoga class.  My friend, Shilpa, and I had our mats on the front row! A lovely woman organized a non-profit  501c(3) organization in 2014. The mission is to share yoga as a tool for increasing well-being and resiliency to all in the community. There are many different locations around the city: wedding venues, museums, Parks, restaurants etc. This class I took was in a wedding venue.

On with the FUN!! 🌂🙏🏻



The sparkly marvelous, messy middle

Life goes on, one great and one messy thing at a time. It’s normal. It’s ubiquitous.

Over the past week, I accompanied my HH to Huntington Beach, CA where he had a conference. To make the trip efficient, we prevailed upon our daughter #2 to schedule her wisdom teeth extraction for this week so we could care for her. That’s the life part.

The messy part is that daughter #2 experienced discomfort, sleepiness, and difficulty eating all the great varieties of foods. She was VERY brave, compliant, and accommodating to us, thus healing a lot by the week’s end.

As my conscience reveals, there are pieces of life that are grand, sparkly and wonderful; AND, there are parts that are messy: not glamorous, not easy, not fun, but necessary. I accept this and treasure it all, as part of life.

I am grateful for the week with our daughter and my hubby. I enjoyed the sun, the ocean, the sand, some great food, some deep conversations and a lovely hotel with an ocean view.

Back at home, as I settle in, I breathe deeply in my ✨sparkly✨ life and the splendor of it; and exhale the gratitude in my heart for all things beautiful, generous, and genuine.




Nurse Mom

My nurse-Mom skills kicked right back into gear earlier this week. I’m delighted to say my star patient is doing great. Her recovery will continue in her newly cleaned, organized and decorated apartment, over the next few days. We knew to expect residual discomfort and swelling.  She’s a strong young lady; and I know she’ll be fine.

My time in Cali has been wonderful and delicious.  Some beach, some pho, and some hot tub bubbles filled me up.

Empty nest means the kids are grown and flown and your house is quiet. Being needed as mom and dad doesn’t stop… thank goodness. I’m grateful we were here for T as this (wisdom teeth removal) is now in her history book.

A hui hou!



See us in the reflection?

Gratitude Monday

Today I share my thoughts on discovery, gratitude, and miracles:

Safe flight to So. Cal. Daughter #2 chose a lovely, safe, spacious new apt. Dinner at a new (to us) restaurant in our old stomping grounds. Miracle: our daughter is thriving.

Gorgeous sunrise and ocean views. Great, professional, smooth wisdom teeth removal (for daughter #2) exactly as planned. A lovely and comfortable place to rest & recuperate. Charming, helpful pharmacist and insurance ladies. Miracle: excellent outcomes for T’s teeth.

Homework for a course I’m in is to count miracles for seven days. As they appear, I say aloud, “There’s a miracle!” Miracle: I was at the store, arms and hands full of items, and as I rounded the aisle an empty shopping cart appeared.  I’m working on my miracle-making powers to transform situations and sightings into miracles. Miracles create more miracles.

Gratitude miracle-making Monday delights!



Sunrise Monday morning

Happy Day!🍀

Lucky? Fortunate? Blessed? Living a dream?

Live your best life!  Inspiration is everywhere…



















I count my blessings daily. I’m living an amazing life, with the man of my dreams. I call that lucky, fortunate and blessed.

How about YOU?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




Lucky in life

Today: The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii) is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts. (Wiki)

Sunny and 64ºF: That’s a prelude to Spring, in my opinion.

This weekend: St. Patrick’s Day, when everyone is Irish. Wear green, drink green, eat green.

Everyday: Have FUN! Be grateful. Recognize how lucky we all are.🍀