Significant others…


Welcome back. Today I have to talk about my husband.

My husband, my Mark, is a genius, a hard-worker, a laugh out loud, spectacular man. He has a wonderful sense of humor, adventure, vision and drive. The best part of all this is he shares it with and empowers me. We have been together for thirty-three years, married almost twenty-six.

I love to sew and one day he said, “Enter your sewing projects in the L.A. County Fair.” Now, that is the largest county fair in the nation! I had seen the caliber of work that is entered. After I said, “I don’t know… blah blah blah…” I entered. And the first year I didn’t win anything.  But for each of six years after that, I entered and won nine ribbons total, two of which are BLUE (1st place). Thank you, Mark, for pushing me!

I have always enjoyed sports and outside activites. In the 1980s we lived in Baltimore, MD. I enjoyed running and so Mark gently encouraged me to run in a race. After I said, “I don’t know… blah blah blah…” I entered. I ran in several 5K races, one 10K race, one triathlon, and when we moved to California, I ran the Disneyland 1/2 marathon. Thank you, Mark, for pushing me!

This month Mark has been telling me I should surf. We live in Hawaii, after all. After I said, “I don’t know… blah blah blah…” I signed up for ten surf lessons. I’m hooked! Now I go out several times a week and ride the waves. Thank you, Mark, for pushing me!

What has your significant other pushed you to do that resulted in making your heart sing, your body reach, your mind stretch its limits? We have chosen that person because they encourage us to be a better self and vice versa; we are a better partner for them. Remember to tell them “Thank you” today!

Thank you, Mark, for pushing me!





Thoughts about sports.


I believe that sports are important for several reasons. First, physical activity is essential for a healthy and mind. Team sports teaches not only the discipline of the activity but also how to play on team, listen to coaches and the abundance of ethics and rule following. Individual sports are great as well because one develops the mindset of “personal best, or pb” while improving on a particular game.

There are as many sports as there are interests. The key is to try different ones to see where your talents appear and what you enjoy.  Having said that, my friend Jenny invited me to join her at a Bikram yoga class six years ago and I was hooked. I have enjoyed watching my practice evolve and taken classes in California, New York, Texas and now Hawaii. At first I  was unsure, dizzy and frustrated. I am very hard on myself and when I fell out of a posture, my self doubt crept in. Over time I have graduated to the front row; I can hold my poses for the alloted time; I met and practiced with the founder Bikram Choudhury; I went on a weekend yoga retreat in the mountains of Santa Barbara; and met some amazing people along this journey. My pb has changed from when I started to today! I invite you to try this type of yoga.  Check it out in your area, and click on class finder.

My newest sport is surfing. Now I know surfing has been around since it was first observed in Tahiti in 1767, so it’s not new to the world, just new to my routine. While my kids were away for Spring Break, my darling husband urged me to sign up for 10 lessons. I surfed my way through the 10 and I’m signing up for more! It’s so fun and exhilarating. My pb for surfing was going out in 20-30 mile an hour winds and catching the waves with the experienced surfers. Surfing uses all the major muscle groups as well as balance and stamina. I happily read a news article today that sited Bikram Yoga as #8 of the top 10 ways to improve your surfing skills. My goal is to continue surfing while improving my skills and competing in a year.

What are your favorite sports? How did you get started?



Welcome to the alohaness!

Wife, mom, yogi, surfer. Doer of good, righter of wrongs and creator of fun, abundance and joy. That’s me, Denise Schnitzer.

I’m here to share what I have recently learned. As a wife of almost 26 years, I have a respect and total appreciation for love, honor and dinner plans. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve been through education, travels, moving and kids together. I know that just thinking “please, take out the trash” will NEVER result in the trash going outside. I must SAY aloud, “please take out the trash.” That’s miraculous! Thoughts create the words and mouths get the job done. I have also learned that making dinner plans avoids dinner dilemmas…more details later.

We have two daughters who are embracing high school. What a fun ride this is…more later.

In June we declared that our lives would  look unrecognizable by the end of this past summer. We lived in a rural area of Los Angeles county for sixteen years. On August 9, 2011, my daughters and I moved from there to Honolulu, Hawaii, where my husband accepted the position of the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group neurosurgeon and joined us three weeks later….more later.

I have always been active in sports: in school, college, and adulthood. I’ve competed and participated; been professional and novice. I have tips on that too…more later.

The intention here is to whet your appetite for more details. Let me hear from you and how I can offer you insight to your goals.

This is a fun place to chat, learn, share and smile.

Create a GREAT day!




Hello world!


I am so excited to join the bloggers of the universe.  I have learned so much from some of my mentors’ blogs, I take this on as a place to share my ideas, thoughts and life lessons with you.

Please visit me here weekly, as I include tips and tricks regarding travel, moving, sports, kids, industry and love.

I am honored that you have joined me. Let me know how I can add value to you, specifically. Please join in the conversations. Remember to share this site with your friends. The more the merrier!

Many mahalos,