Wow, it’s September already! Really!? I just celebrated August. Well….it is the ninth month of the year. Labor day is on Monday. most kids are in school and the carpools have begun. Time is really flying by.

So in honor of September and all the colors of the month, I want to wish you all a really great month. Create a special plan to kick it up a notch and be crazy. Really!

In honor of Patriot Day, let’s all say a prayer on September 11.

I really wish you a wonderful day.

This was really fun…


3 Things to share

Three things occured to me today as blog-worthy:

1. The waves are enormous today and expected huge again tomorrow. My surfing coach cancelled our lesson tomorrow. He said it would be treacherous for me to go out. I am bummed but very grateful. I acknowledge Aukai for looking after our safety.

2. My dad is not doing so well. His progress has slowed a bit, according to those who see him daily. Mark said that stroke patients’ progress is measured in seasons, not days. Hopefully by Thanksgiving Dad he will improve; then by Valentines’ day he’ll address a card to me. This is Mark’s explanation to me for my understanding. I acknowledge Mark, Dad’s docs, my mom, brother and sis-in-law for their valiant patience, love and support.

3. I highlighted my hair purple again.

Create a happy day!


Long timers

Do you have friends from nursery school? Grade school? High school? College? People who you still communicate with regularly or annually? If so, consider yourself very fortunate.

I love my friends and am really grateful they are in my life. I have friends from each of the categories above and from living and working in Texas, Maryland, California and Hawaii.

Now I’m going to tell them: friends, I love you and I am so grateful that you are in my life!!

How are you doing with that?


I’m back, thanks to my hero, Mark Schnitzer

Aloha, my 2003 Dell Latitude computer died a quick, painless death. Now I’m blogging on my iPad, affectionately called my “toy.” Bump!

My real message today is, go with the flow. Enjoy whatever bumps in the road you face. Look at it as an adventure.

I chatted with our accountant today and we agreed that life is too short; we must have fun while we are walking on this earth.

How are you doing with this?? Have fun today and enjoy life’s bumps.


College applications already?!

The college application process for our eldest daughter began tonight. We met with the college counselor and she outlined the year in terms of when, where and how to apply to college. I am a stand for our daughter and that she and I will be ready for this milestone.

As much as I say that I can’t wait for  our girlz to go to college and enjoy the journey of life, I’m _________(fill in blank) thinking it’s the last year with her here with us. I want to make this last year so terrific that we all have lasting memories.

It’s true that she will get it all done and on time, but as the professional worrier that I am, I must fill my worry bucket with these new worries: driving, time-lines, essays, fees, dates, emails, dances, homework and sports. I know scores of people have done this before me and will do it after me. I welcome any tips and tricks and hugs.

Will you share your pearls of wisdom?



Did you enjoy your day?

Well, the first week of school is behind us. We made it to school on time, to the Cross Country and Tennis practices on time and the Class Day ready to Play. Everyone enjoyed the week.

Mark and I celebrated Hawaii’s statehood on Friday and enjoyed some quiet time together.

Emily, Tara and I dove on two ship wrecks and one lovely reef on Saturday morning and loved it! Then we all went to the Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor for an air show. Truly wonderful and enjoyable.

I can’t imagine a life without enjoyment and wonder.

I truly enjoy each day….whatever it brings. Do you?



Quotes I want to share:

Give without remembering. Receive without forgetting.  Art Jonak.

I’ll love whatever you make for dinner.  Mark Schnitzer.

‎Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.  Jim Rohn

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt

Living in the moment, I co-create my life. Randy Gage

Create the day of your dreams. Denise Schnitzer



School started sleekly

As I mentioned, Camp Denise is over and school has begun! Emily is a senior and Tara is a sophomore. I had some heart palpitations yesterday as I drove them to school, but I made it safely there. I can’t believe it’s time already to go to bed early, wake up early, make lunches, do homework and lay out uniforms nightly.

The girlz like their classes, teachers and free blocks. They are both on teams: Emily is running cross-country and Tara is  playing tennis. They both have settled in nicely with homework and reading time. But most of all, they are both happy to see me in the late afternoon when I pick them up. Yippee!!

This is going to be a fabulous, prosperous, enlightening year.

How are YOU doing?