Good morning! GET READY!

This is the latest greeting I hear at 6:00am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I started a Boot Camp for fitness! It’s so wonderful!! My friend Lily raved about her Boot Camp, so I found one here.

We meet in three different park locations and run, jump, throw medicine balls and enjoy the ocean views. Some people groan, some laugh; some sweat and some glow. I enjoy the hour, work hard and am reminded of some muscles I haven’t used in a long time.

I invite you to do something different ~ take the Aloha Denise challenge: Try a new exercise plan….it’s center of summer. You can do it for two months.




Oh say, did you see?

We spent the majority of the day celebrating July 4th on Schoffield Barracks ~ a U.S. Army base. It was awesome! There were hundreds of families enjoying the sun, foods, bands and vendors. Mark set up our little sun shade tent and we listened to several bands and watched people.

America has a rich culture and history. No where better to see that than where our military meets our civilians. Everyone loves their kids, to eat and relax under the Hawaiian sun. We saw demonstrations and spoke with military police about their life.

As we settled in at home, the fireworks show began from right outside our living room window. We watched the beautiful display of lights and heard the music of the show. What a terrific, cozy way  to end our day of celebration.

We are proud of our history, our America. All the steps of 1776 led us to the leaps of 2011.



July greetings!

I wish all my American friends a very happy, safe, healthy July 4th weekend!

Thank you to all the U.S. military people past and present who work to keep our country safe and all of us free. Earlier generations had great ideas: this IS the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Much love and Aloha,


Kudos to Kaiser!

I am so blown away by the exceptional care of the Kaiser Hawaii Permanente Medical Group.

From an 8:40am diagnosis to the cure 6pm today, the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff were awesome, kind, caring, thorough and spot on! They even had medicine waiting for us upon our exit. They are organized, efficient and skilled.

Kudos to our Kaiser Permanente Medical Group community!!!

If you receive great service, then tell them!



No waves, no problem!

Another day I had to cancel my surf lesson. There were NO waves…..hmmmmm  How can I compete next year without 10,000 hours of practice?

Well, it’s ok. Either the waves have been  too big or too small as of late. No problem! I sat on the beach and studied the water and the realized that I have no control! For a self-proclaimed control freak, that’s revolutionary! I must sit and wait and learn. My surf mentor taught me to learn the water, anticipate the waves, increase my water time.

So, if I cannot surf, then I watch, talk to the people who did venture out: what did they see/do/learn. I know my time will come. And when it does, I’ll  be on the board and ready to take on the waves.



Blessings, Joys & Flowers

Good morning!

Here are my thoughts today:

I am overwhelmed with blessings and feel like my heart is  exploding! I’ve been invited to  surf, practice yoga &  scuba dive weekly. This is such a gift! I love the activity and the diversity and the water time. These are sports I’ve enjoyed for a long time and I see improvements with each session. I am grateful to Mark for these blessings and to my body for its strength and stamina.

There are so many joys in my life. In particular there are my husband of 26 years and our daughters who are delightful, beautiful and intelligent teenagers. Additionally there are new and long-time friends who I am blessed to see and spend time with. Our friend Marie moved here from LA recently and I welcome any opportunity to chat with her. Our friends from OC are vacationing here this week and included us in their plans for brunch. Our kids have known each other since kindergarten. What a joy to have solid friendships.

Then there are the colorful, happy and meaningful flowers that sit upon our table. I love fresh flowers and welcome them inside anytime! These have meaning because Mark chose them as a surprise to wish me a happy anniversary. He is so thoughtful and knows that flowers make me smile. Each petal in the bouquet represents a moment, laugh, memory and dream we have together.

What are your thoughts today?



Sunny, smiley day

As I sit here looking out at the calmer ocean (waves were 5′-7′ earlier this week), sipping my fresh iced coffee, I am grateful for this day. It’s a sunny, warm, partly cloudy day here. I love this day.

I am smiling because I exercised really hard this morning; cleaned up our pad for my family; watered my three plants (generous gift from my friend Dede) and trimmed my anniversary flowers (beautiful gift from my dear Mark.) I walked holding my daughter’s hand to a neighborhood market and we chatted and laughed. All that was just this afternoon!

When I count my blessings, I smile.  As I think about people in my life who love me, I smile.

What makes you smile?




June 23, 1985 Mark and I stood before 285 of our friends and family and took our wedding vows.

Fast forward 26 years:

Two Graduate degrees, four states, two mortgages,  two daughters, eleven cars, hundreds of trips, thousands of friends, thousands of books, records, photos and millions of kisses later, we are still happy, healthy and loving our life together.

I thank my parents and in-laws for being great role models. I thank our siblings for standing up for us at our wedding and being great friends now.

My Mark: He’s HOT… very HOT! He’s hysterical!!! Makes me laugh every day! He’s a precious and generous and amazing father! He’s an incredible provider. He’s amazing in the sack. He’s sensitive and caring. He has a back bone stronger than most people can imagine. He’s amazing and strong; and he’s an incredible communicator!! He’s committed more than I ever thought a man could be and he’s super sexy!

I love you, Mark Schnitzer, and wish you a very happy anniversary….always and forever.




Today I reflect on time.

My 90-minute yoga class zoomed by this morning. I finished my errands in record time this afternoon. Then, late today I enjoyed a long phone conversation with a dear friend and it felt as if we just talked last week.

When I realize how much I accomplish in a day, I’m gratified and amazed. I fill up my day like it’s my last! I connect with friends, business associates and family via email, social networking and my trusty cell phone. I know that we all have a limited amount of time and we  must make the most of every day. My first grade teacher at Greenhill School, Mrs. Lawrence, taught, “Use your time wisely.” I’ve always remembered her quote.

I have several friends battling sicknesses now, planning funerals and seeking alternative medical treatments. I treasure my time with them, as they do with their loved ones.

Remember to share smiles, hugs and your truest self.  Of course, the old cliché Live, Love, Laugh applies too.



HaPpY FaThEr’S DaY!!


It takes a special man to be a daddy: one with love, intelligence, compassion, support, vision, enthusiasm, imagination and patience. To all the daddy men out there, I wish you the BEST day celebrating YOU!

To my dad and my dad-in-law, I love you!

To my brother and brothers-in-law and my uncles, I love you!

To my extraordinary husband and daddy to my daughters, I LOVE YOU, I’m grateful for you and I’m so happy you’re the father you are.