Why the spam on my nice blog???

OK, everyday I have about six to eight “comments” on my blog. They are kind messages from unknown sources. Mark says they are from a computer. I say, STOP IT!

Now I feel better.

So, here’s the skinny: if you are my friend, feel free to comment on my blog. If you are a computer and you are just filling up my spam folder, stop it!



Off to the real blog now…

Are YOU prepared?

Tonight in our building there is a scheduled power outage for building maintenance. We turned off all computers, lights, toys and waited.

The building guards sounded a bell and gave us a ten then five minute warning….it is now nine minutes after the scheduled hour and we still have power. Hmmmm

Well, we are prepared. We have back up alarm clocks, water bottles on our bedsides, light sticks and candles.

If a real emergency should ever occur, I think we’d be prepared. I am actually looking forward to going to bed this early.

Are you prepared for such an event!?


Weight loss is great loss

I am so proud of Mark for his discipline resulting in his weight loss!!! He read the book The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris. He has she’d 15 pounds!!! Yay Mark Schnitzer! He eats 30 grams of protein for breakfast and dinner (he usually works thru lunch and isn’t hungry anyway) and eats no fruit, dairy or carbs until Saturdays. I’m delighted with his svelte self. He is happier and has more energy too.

I offer a public KUDOS to my main man…keep up the strong work. Your weight loss is great!


Another one already?

Another month has begun….already? Wow, we celebrated Halloween last night and now it’s November and we’re planning our Thanksgiving celebration!

I’ve even seen Christmas trees in some of my favorite stores! Yikes. I really like enjoying each month to its fullest…and not rushing the next.

It’s the 11th month of 2011. How much will we enjoy 11-1-11?

I know that my sister and brother-in-law will celebrate this month (11-5-11); my mom will celebrate this month (11-10-11); and many of my friends will sing the famous song as well. What fun they will have with this month!

Happy November from me to you. How will you enjoy another month? Make it count!



Where were the lessons?

Well, the Texas Rangers, my home town team, rode the wave all the way to the World Series this year. I’m proud and delighted that they were there. They made it to the Big Show! That is the good news. The not so good news is that they were outscored in the seventh game and St. Louis Cardinals took home the trophy. Where were the lessons?

The lessons I learned from this were:

1. Never say never. In the 51 year history of the Rangers, this was the second Division Championship they won and the first trip to the Series.

2. Never give up. The games were played long and hard. The teams were professional, entertaining and strong.

3. Good sportsmanship is beautiful. At the end of the games, each player paid tributes to each other. Even in post game interviews, they complimented each other’s work.

4. Great baseball is entertaining. You don’t know the outcome until the last “out” is called. In order to fully appreciate the games, you must watch them.

I’m still a Texan and I am very proud of my home town team. There’s always next year.

I’m delighted my Texas family could enjoy this World Series and see the Team delight the fans. I know my dad and my dad-in-law enjoyed every minute of it.

Baseball can be a wealth of life lessons.



Why and why?

I must confess: I’m not happy right now….someone I love very much, and have loved for 35 yrs, has metastatic cancer. I feel helpless, yet not hopeless. I want to scream, yet not succumb. I know he will fight. I will share my strength with him.

My question is why? Why does this happen to the most wonderful, giving, warm, intelligent, abundant people? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why can my prayers and strength not cure?

Reminder: love and hug and appreciate those in your life….daily.