Sunshine, Super Bowl and Snacks

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I predict, beer, chips, mac-n-cheese, football, commercials and friends.

As I look out our window, I see sunshine, cool breezes pushing the ocean, a few sail boats enjoying the morning and love. I know the Universe is hugging us with love, nurture and promise.

I am grateful for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I will enjoy today…all the sunshine, the Super Bowl with friends and the snacks.

What are you seeing today?



Another Wild Schnitzer Adventure

As you know, I love adventure. Here’s what we did today:

My husband, two teenage daughters and myself lowered ourselves into an aluminum cage that floats just below the surface of the ocean, surrounded by dozens of sharks!

It’s the Hawaii Shark Encounters adventure and it was fabulous! Our friends Jim and Marie have experienced this adventure nine other times and invited us to join them. That’s an invitation I was not refusing! We awoke at 4am, got to the dock at 6am and boarded the boat at 6:15 sharp. We drove out 4 miles off the North Shore of Oahu, outside the state line, and began the adventure.

It was awesome to see so many sharks: Black Tip sharks, Galapagos sharks and Reef sharks…6-8′ large! THEY DID NOT CHUM THE WATER. These beautiful creatures live on the reef below and are attracted to the sounds and movements in the water. They are beautiful, sleek and curious.

What a great way to spend our morning with our friends. What adventures do have to share? What are you grateful for?



P.S. I am grateful for this day, I know all is in perfect divine harmony, I fall asleep in peace, my mind, body, spirit, unite, rest and wake up feeling ready for a day filled with beauty, joy and success. Namaste’

Have you shared your love?

There is another angel among us…my friend Michele fought her battle w/ cancer until 11:11am today. She will be missed.

What I’ve learned, and want to share with you, is that our lives are precious, fleeting and important. We must make the most out of every day, every acquaintance and every opportunity. Seize the moments! Be grateful! Create a great life! Have fun!!

I forgive cancer for taking my friend. I am grateful for knowing her and her family.

I love my friends. I love my family. I love my life.

Please share your love with those in your life.



Something new

Of all the gifts in my life, among my favorite are new friends.

I was warmly greeted and embraced by new friends last night. A large table of laughing beautiful people are now in my circle of friends.  What a gift!!!

Our daughter took her boyfriend to her school’s Winterball; and Mark and I went out to dinner w/ his parents and their friends. So we all had a ball!

What a gift to make new friends, watch your kids experience magical times and make memories to last a lifetime.

What’s new with you?