Today I reflect on time.

My 90-minute yoga class zoomed by this morning. I finished my errands in record time this afternoon. Then, late today I enjoyed a long phone conversation with a dear friend and it felt as if we just talked last week.

When I realize how much I accomplish in a day, I’m gratified and amazed. I fill up my day like it’s my last! I connect with friends, business associates and family via email, social networking and my trusty cell phone. I know that we all have a limited amount of time and we  must make the most of every day. My first grade teacher at Greenhill School, Mrs. Lawrence, taught, “Use your time wisely.” I’ve always remembered her quote.

I have several friends battling sicknesses now, planning funerals and seeking alternative medical treatments. I treasure my time with them, as they do with their loved ones.

Remember to share smiles, hugs and your truest self.  Of course, the old cliché Live, Love, Laugh applies too.



HaPpY FaThEr’S DaY!!


It takes a special man to be a daddy: one with love, intelligence, compassion, support, vision, enthusiasm, imagination and patience. To all the daddy men out there, I wish you the BEST day celebrating YOU!

To my dad and my dad-in-law, I love you!

To my brother and brothers-in-law and my uncles, I love you!

To my extraordinary husband and daddy to my daughters, I LOVE YOU, I’m grateful for you and I’m so happy you’re the father you are.




Good deeds for the day

Another day filled with plans. The scuba class for my girlz went well and even ended early.

I had plans to surf ~ again, no waves.  Aukai postponed our lesson until Saturday. I was disappointed, of course, but enjoyed a chat w/ him, so I’m happy about that.

This afternoon I was able to help two families  ~ my good deeds for the day ~ and I am really happy about that.

I guess when our plans change, we must shift our mindset and continue to enjoy the journey. When one door opens, another opens!

What are your thoughts?



Did you accomplish the mission?

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Uncle Raymond’s  Birthday!

Happy cousin Sara’s Birthday!

I went to Tara’s ortho appointment this morning ~ she’s doing beautifully! I chatted w/ a family who flew over from the Big Island just for this orthodontist.

I went surfing today ~ there were no waves. Not even the sail boats could stay out in the water. But a poor day surfing is still a great day in the water.

I went to the beach w/ my girlz ~ that was awesome. I love being with them. We all took naps under the trees.

I made dinner for my precious family and everyone had something yummy and specific for them.

I went to the hot tub tonight w/ Tara ~ I love being with her; talking and not talking.

Now as I reflect on this day, I  can honestly say my life was touched and I touched several lives. That’s the point, right? Make a difference and touch a lot of lives. Mission accomplished.

What did you accomplish today?



What a ride!

Wow, what a fun, wild weekend! We started out w/ a day off on Friday. Here in Hawaii there are several holidays honoring the royalty of the state. Friday was King Kamehameha I day. Mark was off work and he enjoyed a relaxing day and even lunch with a friend. I went to a historic home at the top of Tantalus mountain then lunch at the Contemporary Museum.

Saturday we went to the parade, a craft fair at the Mission museum, the home and garden show then a fabulous sushi dinner.

Sunday we slept in, went to a race car birthday party, then to dinner w/ newlyweds in Waikiki. The icing on this cake was the Dallas Mavericks basketball team won the NBA championship! Great for our home town.

Whew, our lives are full and we’re living rich. What a fun ride! How was your weekend?



Honoring King Kamehameha I

This weekend was another first: We celebrated King Kamehameha I day with a “day off” from mail, work and government offices, to commemorate the great King.

Today, we were front and center for a parade honoring King K. There were princesses and queens from the neighbor islands, bands, floats, horses, old cars and dune buggies and dancers. The flowers and leis were spectacular: even the horses were decked out in leis!

We are so loving this life. How are you celebrating the weekend? However you do, I wish you much aloha!



More congratulations!

Our second nephew graduated from  high school! He is off to college to discover new and wonderful things. We are so proud of him, and his parents. Growing a fine child is hard work for the parents too. Kudos to J & B!

I send more heartfelt congratulations to all of you who have kids graduating this month, and to the kids! Whoo hoo….you did it!

Now it’s time to start another chapter in the journey we call life. Make wise choices; create a great life for yourselves; touch lots of lives and have lots of fun.



Are you contributing?

You can experience joy through contribution and service.

Are you sharing your energy or sucking it from those around you? Do you offer helpful suggestions or criticism and complaints?

I love to be around people who give off positive energy. I love to laugh, smile, have  fun and play hard. I enjoy learning new things, going new places and opening my mind to our world. I will always choose to be around these kinds of people, rather than the opposite. I have had the grand opportunity already this week  to help a friend, welcome a student, guide a new participant and give generously.

Are you being of service? I enjoy volunteering. When I see the outcome of hard work, love and support, my heart sings.  I much prefer my contributions given anonymously. I’m still seeking my bigger purpose ~ I know it will manifest soon.

What are your thoughts?



Terrific Tuesday

Today is the first day of our summer break that I could sleep in; with no alarm; no plans on the calendar; sun and sand calling my name.

I’ve cleaned and organized our apartment, the storage room, the kids’ rooms, our closets, carpets, fridge, ovens and cabinets. Now it’s time for relaxing.

My friend shared several magazines with me so I’m heading to the beach with magazines, water and sunscreen…..I’m creating a terrific Tuesday. What will you do today?



To my very special Mom


I am really blessed, lucky and happy to be married to your son. I know that. What I also know is how blessed, lucky and privileged I am to have you as my mom-in-law.

I treasure the day when I asked you if I  can call you “Mom” ~

I treasure the days you visited me in College Station, Temple, Baltimore, Los Angeles & Honolulu ~

I treasure the shopping sprees, spas, lunches, dinners, trips, heart-to-heart talks, phone conversations, cards, letters, hugs and kisses.

I love you Mom! I wish you a spectacular day.