Ever taken a whale of a hike?

I crossed off another entry on my Hawaii Bucket List: I hiked up Diamond Head crater to the top!

My friends Linda and Julie accompanied me ascending the switch back dirt trail in the morning as the day became brighter and sunnier. We snapped photos, laughed and chatted all the way up. We enjoyed the new stairs, recently installed for comfort and safety, and the look-out spots appreciating the panoramic views.

Here’s the whale of the hike part! As we reached the top, we stopped to look out at the water, on the  Waikiki side, and we saw many whales spouting and rolling above the water and diving down. What a sight! I never tire of that!

I am reminded of the beauty and majesty of this island and God’s world. I am grateful and humbled by it all. I welcome new vistas,  friends and experiences.

How about you?



Rolling in fun!

As is our custom, we explore our surroundings, community and fun entertainment. Today was no exception.

We all crawled into a clear ball, taller than ourselves; watched the volunteers fill it with fresh air using a blower; and stepped off the ramp into a pool of fresh water. Yes, we were in hamster balls!

It was very hard to stand up and very funny to try! Tara entered her ball first, so she had more time to perfect standing. Then Emily went in and did a great job standing, even running. I entered next and only stood for milliseconds. Mark took pictures and videos, so he got into his ball and in the water last. We were all in a pool of water, inside clear balls. It was hilarious and exhilarating.

As time ticked by, we laughed, rolled, fell, splashed and teetered on the water. We had Schnitzer-fun!

What are you doing that is fun!? Remember, have fun everyday!



Aloha humpback whales!!

I told you that I’m back in the swing, right? Well, today was the “walk with my friends” day. We walked from the kids’ school, down the hill and to the left, towards Diamond Head. As we made it to the second lookout, out in the distance were pods of whales!! We saw countless spouting as clear as the day. There were dolphins around them too, making the view even sweeter.

Included in my island paradise life is seeing friends when I’m out and about. While I was sitting on the wall, a friend ran by me, stopped to say hello and continued running.

The girlz and I are headed up to the North Shore to check out the 25′-30′ waves. We will look out for more whales up there.

I’m so grateful for these blessings.


Time’s up

The Winter Break ends today. So lunches are packed, nails are painted, dentist was seen, everyone is well-rested and ready to begin Term 3.

So, what cool classes are they taking!? I’m sure kids worldwide are taking great classes to enhance them, challenge them and perhaps knock their proverbial socks off. That is good; we all need challenges and goals.

I’m looking forward to more fun lunches by parents, concerts, sports events, family outings and graduation plans.

How about you? Ready for the day???


Three things

1. We have a new friend. A lovely young woman, newlywed, who moved here from far away. Her husband works off the island and she knows no one here. She met us for coffee and we really enjoyed her. Small world: we have a mutual friend.

2. We’ve seen almost a dozen movies in the past two weeks. They were mostly great. The last one was “Midnight in Paris” and it was outstanding! There were life lessons, great acting and the beautiful Paris scenery.

3. This was the BEST Winter Break I can remember! I spent quality, relaxing time with my teenage daughters, whom I adore, doing what they wanted to do. My Mark was also with us the majority of the time, which is an added bonus.

Life is REALLY good.



January 1, 2012


Happy New Year ~~ Hau’oli Makahiki Hou ~~ Welcome to a new, clean, fresh year.

Let’s all plan to create a great, prosperous, abundant and FUN year.

Burn the grudges, mend the fences, share your smiles, give love and make this a rockin’ new year.

All the very best to you. I love you!



My new year’s wish for you…

I am so grateful for a wonderful 2011. I had a fun year filled with many blessings.

My new year’s wish for you and me is the following:

Plentiful food on the table,

Warm, strong hugs,

Cozy mornings and nights in safety,

Friends surrounding you when you need them most,

New opportunities you welcome into your life,

Patience and abundance,

Prosperity in mind, body and spirit,

Love, love, love,

and many more years of blessings, giggles, miracles and magic.




So many movies, so little time.

Over this Winter Break I have seen a movie every night, some nights two movies. I have relaxed, slept in, caught up on magazines and read several books. My daughters (still) enjoy my company so we’ve gone shopping, out to lunches, got our nails done and taken long walks. We have enjoyed spending time with other families and our dear friends.

This is one great stay-cation. The Red Box has a few more movies to see before school starts…

How are you doing over these holidays?



P.S. I wish a very happy birthday to Harrison!