Supplemental thought for today…

I know, one blog per day, every other day….but please read….

My dad is undergoing quad bypass surgery, as I type, and I’m a worried daughter. Please send your loving prayers to him, his surgeons and my family who waits for him outside the operating room doors. My dear, long-time friend Steff, is sitting in for me with my brother and mother. That warms my heart. That is true friendship.

Prayers are strength. Please share your prayers with my family. Mahalo!!



Who’s with me?

Here we are in the middle of summer… Are you doing life? Are you having  fun? Are you experiencing everything you planned for the summer??

My answer is almost~! I’ve watched the sun rise and set, surfed, relaxed at the beach, read lots of magazines, cleared out some more of our storage room, made 12 scuba dives w/ my daughters, hiked, talked on the phone w/ some dear long-distance friends, donated hundreds of pounds of “stuff”, started Boot Camp, and tried some new recipes.

What’s missing is sky diving. Who’s with me?



Crazy ending?

I spent a lovely day with my girlz: they had hair appointments (which always means gorgeous hair on the floor of the salon) thank you Katherine & Talia; we darted into a few stores in the mall to color coordinate our scuba gear; then we headed to the beach for surfing and boogie boarding.

The ocean day was lovely for them ~ they enjoyed the boogie boards and the time they spent floating and chatting. My surf lesson did not turn out as planned: I got hit in the teeth by my board. I finished the lesson, because I’m NOT a quitter, but I was not very happy.  I will be fine and my teeth are still in my mouth. Crazy ending to a lovely day!

The ending I am grateful for is that I was hurt, not my kids. I’m grateful we were in the water and enjoying our summer. I’m grateful that I  have another lesson and I’ll get right back on the board. I will always be grateful for Mark and his graciousness, support, gentle urging me to try new things and making dinner!

The sun will  come out tomorrow….



Are you this funny?

Our daughter said tonight, “What if you accidentally swallowed a whole piece of pizza?” Our other daughter said, “How can there be 30′ of intestines in my belly?” I took a sip of a soda and crinkled up my nose. The funny part is I do it every time I drink soda.

When people have a good sense of humor, they add so much joy to life. It’s so important to laugh and I mean really laugh! My goal is to guffaw every day.

What makes you laugh? Are you funny? Who in your life is funny?



Just be!

Are you having a great day? Are you enjoying what’s going on around you? Just be.  Be grateful; be patient; be forgiving; be receptive.

I had a full day: scuba diving with my daughter in the morning, family errands in the afternoon, spiritual fulfillment in the early evening, and dinner and a walk thru Waikiki with friends in the evening. It started to drizzle as we were walking…we just laughed and enjoyed it.  We arrived at our destination, Yogurtland, and enjoyed that. Then we walked back to our cars, not knowing when we’d see each other again, and enjoyed our time together.

When I stop and just be, I’m happiest. No worry, no suffering, no pressure, just enjoy the moments.

Are you enjoying it all? Are you BEING the moment?




Good morning! GET READY!

This is the latest greeting I hear at 6:00am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I started a Boot Camp for fitness! It’s so wonderful!! My friend Lily raved about her Boot Camp, so I found one here.

We meet in three different park locations and run, jump, throw medicine balls and enjoy the ocean views. Some people groan, some laugh; some sweat and some glow. I enjoy the hour, work hard and am reminded of some muscles I haven’t used in a long time.

I invite you to do something different ~ take the Aloha Denise challenge: Try a new exercise plan….it’s center of summer. You can do it for two months.




Oh say, did you see?

We spent the majority of the day celebrating July 4th on Schoffield Barracks ~ a U.S. Army base. It was awesome! There were hundreds of families enjoying the sun, foods, bands and vendors. Mark set up our little sun shade tent and we listened to several bands and watched people.

America has a rich culture and history. No where better to see that than where our military meets our civilians. Everyone loves their kids, to eat and relax under the Hawaiian sun. We saw demonstrations and spoke with military police about their life.

As we settled in at home, the fireworks show began from right outside our living room window. We watched the beautiful display of lights and heard the music of the show. What a terrific, cozy way  to end our day of celebration.

We are proud of our history, our America. All the steps of 1776 led us to the leaps of 2011.



July greetings!

I wish all my American friends a very happy, safe, healthy July 4th weekend!

Thank you to all the U.S. military people past and present who work to keep our country safe and all of us free. Earlier generations had great ideas: this IS the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Much love and Aloha,