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Twenty-five years ago today, we welcomed into the world, and our family, a beautiful raven-headed baby girl. Ten days later, her head was covered in deep auburn spiked up hair, which she sports in a shoulder-skimming ‘do today. She played games, rode horses, sang, danced, and delighted. Today, she celebrates.

On social media, the fun game circulating to celebrate Mother’s Day is to remember your first born and answer questions regarding birth, gender, and baby details. I complied. My second born reminded me that I play this game annually. Well, it was that firstborn who made me a mother the next day. I enjoy the games, the memories it invokes, the life we’ve nurtured. Those long days and short years truly are fleeting.

Currently, our twenty-five-year-old lives on the sunny, rainbow-kissed island of Oahu, working her way up the ladder of life and management. We are very proud of both our daughters and love celebrating their welcome to the world days.

A myriad of experiences and memories define those twenty-five years. I value and treasure them all.

Cheers to the next twenty-five!



me holding newborn EPS.

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