Green appreciation

Sitting under a pergola, listening to a huge wind chime sing, I appreciate all the green trees, grass, and flower petals. Spring-Summer is my favorite season…because of the blooms, the sunshine, the green. All the colors of nature fill my heart. This road trip doesn’t disappoint. Nesbit, Mississippi is a gorgeous oasis to reflect, breathe […]

Three (3) life lessons from the road

I believe life lessons are everywhere. For me, this week, they will appear and/or I will manifest them from inside a white Ford Fusion and outside along the highways. In my last post, I shared that our youngest daughter is moving to Missouri. This week is our metaphorical journey into the new, the unknown, and […]

Change is coming – one week away

This blog began in 2010 as a helpful tool and tip resource for others moving to Honolulu (or anywhere new) to find a local resident’s grocery store, a home, three mattresses, and other useful places because I experienced challenges initially. Then, in 2012 I documented my extraordinary life as an expatriate in Abu Dhabi, UAE […]

Spring celebrations 🌷

Not talking about Tax Day here in the US… There are pivotal Spring celebrations upon us soon. This week, for those who observe, is Passover, Good Friday and Easter. Many other cultures and places in the world gather to rejoice this week: Along with these feasts of plenty comes family and friends time. hese […]

Hashtag holidays

Add to Hallmark©️ holidays Facebook and Instagram holidays. One example: International Siblings Day ‘celebrated’ yesterday (April 10) as a grand exhibition of happy, joyful kids juxtaposed to current or recent photos. I loved seeing my friends’ pictures of skiing, holding hands, horsing around, posing with family pets, and then as the adults, I know. My […]