Three (3) things I loved about last night’s Academy Awards show

I love watching the Oscars, or going to an Oscar party, or hosting an Oscar party. This year, was no different. Although this year it was a party for one, I enjoyed texting my friend Reneé, to relive our party with lamb chops and fancy dresses, and my daughter Tara, regarding the dresses, subtitles, movies […]

Three (3) reasons to make a Vision Board/Manifestation Map

Over the past nine years, I’ve created a Vision Board (or Manifestation Map) to include futures/things/places to live into. Here’s why I believe in them: In 2010 I put on my VB (Vision Board) that I wanted to go to Paris, France with Mark Schnitzer and take a vacation in an RV w/ my family. I […]

Three (3) lessons from Las Vegas

Whatever the weather, there are people walking up and down the streets. We walked an average of seven (7) miles each day, exceeding our 10,000 step goal. Bundled up in coats, hats, gloves, we entered and exited the lovely, huge, creative hotels marveling at the people from all over the world and the decorations celebrating […]

Back from beach break and feeling bolstered

The two relatively quick flights took me from St. Louis to Miami then Lisa and me to see our friend Julie in Panama City, Panama last week. Once we touched down, the warmth touched my skin, the sunshine filled my heart, and the FUN and girlfriend-time filled my soul. I haven’t seen these girlfriends in […]

Sand, salt water, sun, and sweet friends

Bring it on! It’s cold, windy, and snowy here in St. Charles, MO. So tomorrow I’m heading south to sunny (79ºF) Panama! So long polar vortex. I look forward to the gentle tide in the morning, and playful waves in the afternoon. Between the gravel path and salt water, I will enjoy seeing green trees […]