Festive and Free Fun

🎉 Festive parties for work include ‘hellos’ and ‘nice to see you agains.’ They are a time for colleagues to reconnect socially and to introduce their spouses. For me, this happened last Friday night. We walked into the lovely (newly built) country club and smiled for the professional photographer. Ushered into the ballroom, we greeted the party planners and some colleagues of my HH.  The beautiful spread of food included fresh shrimp, salmon, and ahi, then prime rib, veggies and desserts (in which I didn’t partake).

🎉 Whenever the sun’s out, I must be out. So Saturday morning my HH and I headed to Forest Park for a snack and a walk.  A shared grilled burger at the Boathouse overlooking a lake began the fun. Then, a three-mile walk around the Park, stopping for photos, leaf kicking and observing others.  The rain appeared and only changed our setting: we enjoyed some Lebanese yummies and another walk, this time around the Central West End. Who knew they give away kettle corn and tastes of Whiskey during the holiday season?

🎉 In a more personal setting, dinner with friends rounded out the weekend. Catching up, sharing stories, laughing and planning for more fun, topped off the weekend festivities.

Free fun is available for the inquisitive. Meals are a common way to reconnect. Happiness, friendships, and joy are gifts we give ourselves.



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