Be creative and create!

Life is all about experiments, adventures, pleasures, pains, education. Remember the adage, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, it’s true.

Learning as much as I can about places, people, and new adventures, I explore and ask a lot of questions. Yesterday we spent all afternoon walking up into and down out of fifth-wheel trailers, as recon for our next life adventure. While the purchase of one is still a ways away, we are researching models, manufacturers, and designs. How will our lives look while living aboard a moving home?

Encountering someone you know, who doesn’t greet you by name, and neglects to inquire about your life, is someone with their own story, baggage, and thoughts.  Give them grace, smile, and move on.

Create the life you want. If I ask you the question, “what do you love about your life?” What will you say? What’s on your vision board? What are YOU creating?

Think about that.



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