Joys in Momma Earth 🌿🌎

Earlier this week,  I mentioned doing things never done before (NDB). I went to the cryo tank and slept like a bear.  I went to the cryo tank again yesterday and slept well last night too. Now it’s not an NDB, but a ILI (I love it)!

Suggesting doing NDBs is a favorite idea I enjoy sharing with people. Another is inspiring Momma Earth moments (MEM). Along the Katy Trail from my bike seat, I see the Missouri River, animals, birds, sand-making machines and trees. Lots of gorgeous tall green trees, reaching up to the blue sky. I know these sites are finite because the fall is imminent and the trees will lose their leaves. So until then, I look ahead, live full-out and enjoy these gifts from Momma Earth. I invite you to do to so too.






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