Stay true to your intention

Stay true to your intention: FUN, joy, be the change we want to see in the world.

As we explore each day, striving to have FUN, we must stay true to ourselves, our goals for the world and our purpose.

One of my goals, that I willingly share, is experience NDBs daily. Things you’ve/I’ve never done before.  In the new is where we learn, grow, prosper.

Earlier this week I stepped into a cryotherapy tank, set at -150ºF, for two minutes. I’d never done that before, but my friend had. I giggled, spun around, smiled for the camera, and created my fun for those two freezing minutes. What I gained from this experience far outweighed the discomfort. I slept great that night and some of my bike-riding & power-walking body aches vanished. Thus, I committed to three more sessions.

In searching for my purpose, I seek FUN, extraordinary people, and culturally rich places. What are you seeking? What’s your purpose? What brings you joy? Please reply.






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