Another EN-NDB

Another EN-NDB (Empty Nester-Never Done Before) has me singing its praises! I bought a Groupon for an indoor cryo tank, based on my friend Kim’s high recommendation. Entering the chiropractic office, sitting on the semi-circle banquette with seven other nervous newbies, and waiting, I gathered my excitement and skepticism.  At the time of our appointment, we all gathered our belongings and followed the receptionist to the “room.”

The instructions included remove our clothes, except undergarments (should we choose to keep them on), wear the provided bathrobe, ‘pool shoes’, gloves and thick socks, and wait. One by one, I watched as each person before me mounted the steps, entered the tank, removed their robe and began the session.

My turn… I did everything I saw the others do and promised myself to enjoy it. I moved around, joking, laughing, dancing to keep warm, and thinking. My thoughts were of the benefits I’d come away with. Then, my two minutes were over. I did it! My legs were the coldest.

I must admit, I had no real effects during the day, but I wasn’t sore after my 8km powerwalk AND I slept for eleven hours straight!! I haven’t done that in 25+ years!!  I’m a believer now!



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