A new sunny day!

Wake up, get out of bed, slurp some coffee, and scratch your head.

On the bike trail the air blows chilly, so bundle up, you silly silly.

I realized yesterday that shorts and a tank will not suffice anymore, even though the sun’s out. It’s beginning to look a lot like winter. It’s a crisp, sunny new day!

As my darling cousin, Hilary said, “It’s almost sweater weather!” Who can invite me to their warm home for a winter’s reprieve???





The value of friends

Thirty years ago I met some wonderful people when my husband and I moved to a new city: Baltimore. Most of us were transplants to there for work. Through the years we’ve had children, graduations, moves and experienced the children grow and fly the proverbial nest. We’ve moved around, and we’ve come back together as a group to share wonderful times together. It’s not about re-creating the past,  it’s about making new memories and creating a future to live into. This weekend is our second annual Empty Nester Framily reunion trip. What a laughter-filled, heart-filled, joyful weekend it is. Framily= friends who you consider family.

Neither time nor distance seems to matter when deep connections are nurtured.

I’m grateful and fortunate to have these extraordinary people in my life. They add value and charm to my experience. They also keep me weird.

Friends are the gifts we give ourselves.



Keeping Austin weird

A little more love for nature

A cardinal flew by, a squirrel leaped across the trail, a bunny scampered into the bushes, and I merely pedaled steadily parallel to the river. Today was my first sunrise ride. I loved seeing the first glint of the sun rising and peeking at me through the clouds. Then, as if to touch the water of the Missouri River, the golden rays reached across like a wand.

My thoughts jumped to errands, forgiveness, goals, and plans.

A little love for me, and you, and Momma Nature. Go get in it!



The tunnel lights are on!
Good morning, Sun!
Empty Nester Riding mom

Reach for the stars, set goals, stay optimistic

I completed a goal yesterday that I set in early June: to ride my bicycle up to the next trail marker (along the Katy Trail) and back home. I did it (21.2 miles!)  Now, I’m aiming to go to the next trail marker, which is 26.5 miles from my home, and back…that will take some time!

When we set goals, small steps for small feet, we invite our brains to think positive, stay optimistic and determined. Incremental success keeps us on track, that is how I ride and stay focused. I approach goals that way.

Looking at the night sky and seeing the stars (through a free app called SkyView), I am in awe of the magnitude of our world. Those are the stars to reach for, metaphorically. Reach for the stars and you may catch one.

Tips: The nectar is in the journey. Don’t give up.











Joys in Momma Earth 🌿🌎

Earlier this week, http://www.alohadenise.com/2018/09/09/stay-true-to-your-intention/  I mentioned doing things never done before (NDB). I went to the cryo tank and slept like a bear.  I went to the cryo tank again yesterday and slept well last night too. Now it’s not an NDB, but a ILI (I love it)!

Suggesting doing NDBs is a favorite idea I enjoy sharing with people. Another is inspiring Momma Earth moments (MEM). Along the Katy Trail from my bike seat, I see the Missouri River, animals, birds, sand-making machines and trees. Lots of gorgeous tall green trees, reaching up to the blue sky. I know these sites are finite because the fall is imminent and the trees will lose their leaves. So until then, I look ahead, live full-out and enjoy these gifts from Momma Earth. I invite you to do to so too.






Look ahead

We all know that seventeen years ago our world changed. We must always remember that day, those brave souls, and how our country 🇺🇸 came together. I was driving my daughters to their school.







We must definitely look ahead. Forge our futures. Create a better world.  Leave our own personal legacy.

Honoring those who serve.  I look ahead for greatness, everywhere. Any thoughts?