Sunken treasure, red brick lunch place, jewel box

Today was all about friendship, culture, exploring and FUN. Another new friend is relocating out of St. Louis soon. I took her on a whirlwind tour, from 9:45 am until 4:30 pm, ducking out of the rain, zigzagging through the city, taking in a fragrant tour.  We’ve made the most of our time together.

The exhibit of artifacts found and retrieved from the bottom of the sea in Egypt’s lost cities taught us so much.

(see for more details)


Then lunch in a historic neighborhood, surrounded by red-brick homes, tall trees, and interesting passers-by.

Finally, our private tour of a chocolate factory, replete with samples galore, and a trip to the Jewel Box, a lovely glass building in the Forest Park expanse, ended our adventure.



How was your day? Keep your eyes out for FUN around every corner of your city.




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