Au revoir, Été

The day has come, to bid au revoir, to our summer of 2*0*1*8.

From gorgeous sunsets to wonderful trips, to all the foods I ate.

Seeing old friends and making some new fill my heart with glee.

In preparing for autumn, I CHOOSE FUN, that I guarantee.

Happy end of summer, wherever you find yourself. What are your summer finale plans??



Flaming “good night” sky over St. Charles County

College town exploration

When invited, I say “yes!” Mark invited me to join him on a trip, so here I am.

I find myself in the lovely college town of Columbia, Missouri,  I’ve discovered a lovely coffee shop (Nourish Cafe + Market), a great steak restaurant, (CC’s City Broiler), and several cute fashion stores. My friend Gretchen shared with me her favorites,  as well as my friend Kathleen, who shared a big tree I need to see ( Bur oak tree). I’m on my way to explore some more.

The adventures of this empty nester mom continue. Find what you love and love what you do, then explore some more.




✨Add your sparkle to every day✨

NEVER let anyone dull your sparkle!

Put on your smile and dazzle the world. Some days aren’t great, but you can always find something good in every day. Smile at what you find. Share that!!

You’re never fully dressed until you sparkle!✨

Dress for your own personal success. Hold your head up and be confident in your gorgeousness. That’ll be your sparkle.

Be confident and sparkle brightly.✨

You are enough. You are wonderful. You are capable of great things. Who you are makes a difference. I believe in you, and me. Internalize that and you’ll sparkle for sure!

Make today ridiculously amazing!



Smile, sparkle and shine!

Here’s what YES looks like

When I’m invited, I usually say, “Yes!” To be a YES for outings, events, trips etc. means I meet new people, eat new foods, experience new things. Last night was no exception.

My friend Kathleen invited me to go out with her, and I said, “YES.” Surprised that I didn’t Google the band we were to see,  she shared her enthusiasm and told me how she came upon them.

After a delicious BBQ dinner, we parked and walked into an establishment established in 1818. The warm-up band definitely warmed up the crowd. The busy bartenders poured tap beer and cocktails as fast as the orders came in.  Once the headliners started,  the patrons screamed, jumped to their feet, and sang out the words to all the songs.  The lead singer is the drummer. He has a beautiful singing (and shouting) voice, as well as talented drum-stick-spinning fingers. They’ve been singing together for over two decades.

A very good time was had by all. A “Yes” opens doors, hearts, and minds.  I am their newest fan.

What will you say “Yes” to today?



This is us with two of the four band members.

prop distributed to raise during the red spoon song.

Buckle up and GO! 🚙

New town, city, country? Buckle up and GO explore!









I’ve explored many of the neighborhoods and surrounding cities since moving to the St. Louis, Missouri area a year and a half ago. Recently, my explore-mobile (formerly my mommy-mobile) took me over the Mississippi River bridge into Illinois, where I visited a winery.

The street lined with shops, car repair businesses, Elks Lodge, and family restaurants changed when I turned left onto Main Street. At the end of the street, I caught a glimpse of the rolling hills, straight lines of vineyards, and the hanging barrel welcoming me to the winery. Ahhh, a day out in the sunshine, looking out over an orchard. That’s a good day.

Tip: buy a Groupon ( ), set a date, go explore!  There’s a 20% discount now to celebrate the end of summer.




Sunken treasure, red brick lunch place, jewel box

Today was all about friendship, culture, exploring and FUN. Another new friend is relocating out of St. Louis soon. I took her on a whirlwind tour, from 9:45 am until 4:30 pm, ducking out of the rain, zigzagging through the city, taking in a fragrant tour.  We’ve made the most of our time together.

The exhibit of artifacts found and retrieved from the bottom of the sea in Egypt’s lost cities taught us so much.

(see for more details)


Then lunch in a historic neighborhood, surrounded by red-brick homes, tall trees, and interesting passers-by.

Finally, our private tour of a chocolate factory, replete with samples galore, and a trip to the Jewel Box, a lovely glass building in the Forest Park expanse, ended our adventure.



How was your day? Keep your eyes out for FUN around every corner of your city.




Ta-Da! 🎉 I live with a SUPER GENIUS!!

So I don’t have to miss a day, my HH (handsome SUPER GENIUS hubby) fixed my blog prob, and here we are.

So the sun won’t set on this day-without-a-blog, I offer these messages:


The magical world of the computer is only for the patient…and those of us who are married to patient people.








My initial message this morning covered how to create your own Road Trip _____day (insert day here). My RTT is Tuesdays. I’ll go into more detail next post.

Until then, say hello to someone you don’t know and have FUN today!

As always, thank you for reading!