Always look for the silver linings

Rain outside? Play inside. Too hot or too cold? Be creative. Organize your closet or meet a friend for coffee. Moving? Purge your goodies and share with the Universe. You’ve enjoyed the clothes, dishes, shoes, books, etc. long enough, now let someone else enjoy them.  You learn so much about yourself when you practice this purge. The silver lining: you don’t need so much stuff. Trust me!

Travel is the best educator. You learn from places, cultures, and people. Just say “hi” to people: at the airport, sushi bar, meet-up party, gym.  All the friends we make in our lifetime teach us. Another prize about friends is you’ll have people to visit. The  silver lining: “Oh the places you’ll go!” Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

The summer is short, so to quote the oft misquoted John Heywood from 1546: “Make hay while the sun shines!” Go out, ride the bike, take the walk, fly the kite, swim the laps.  Drink from the cup of joy; find all the silver linings.




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