Bikes 🚲 BBQ 🥩 and Blasts 🎇🇺🇸

Kicking off the day off, my HH and I headed out to the Katy Trail.  Mark hasn’t been on a bike in about twenty years, so we were both excited. The ride was gorgeous: clear, sunny skies, 94ºF and smooth. We rode four miles out (to the car cemetery) then back home.



To continue filling up our day together, HH made Keto/Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free Peanut Butter cookies. They were gorgeous and delicious.




Our great day continued as we headed to some friends’ house for a BBQ.  The men grilled steaks outside and us women provided everything else.  Then we went to Frontier Park, Downtown St. Charles, along the Missouri River, for fireworks. I think everyone from this area code was there! The show was colorful and festive. A neighborhood celebration that was surely enjoyed by all.














Happy Birthday, America!🎇🇺🇸




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