To see a robin

To see an American Robin, I must look either outside or in Montana.





Yes, I’m going to Montana tomorrow morning to see my friend Robin, who’s been my friend since we met in third grade!! She’s a ‘strawberry blonde.’





We met at the age of nine.  In 1972, She taught me how to play Pong, the first video game. Pong video .   Robin showed me the delight in skinny dipping in the pool, after a birthday party at her house.  In fifth grade, she taught me how to shave my legs, much to my mom’s protest. In high school, she and I played volleyball, field hockey and soccer together. We stayed in touch with air-mail letters while she was a highly successful fashion model in Milan, Italy for ten years. She visited me in So. Cal when she came back to the USA. Now, I get to visit her and her wonderful, joyful John.











I’ve loved this Robin for most of my life. I’m touched that she and her husband invited me to come visit them. I’m looking forward to all the activities she has planned for our reunion week: yoga, camping, hiking, horseback riding, hot tubbing, and cooking.

This is one cool American Robin.




Daily dose of delight

Looking out at the day I see the tops of trees, buildings and a freeway. I also see great adventure. I head out for my daily dose of delight.

Getting outside for a few minutes warms your skin and energizes your mind. Even if only briefly.

Be kind, always. Get some sun, often. Be adventurous, regularly. Do an NDB (never done before) daily. And complete a good deed as a diurnal habit.



A lesson in weather

Yesterday was sunny, warm, clear and dry. I chose to work inside at my desk, doing housework, reading. No bike ride, no walk, no fresh air.

Today there is thunder, lightning, and heavy rains. No chance of a bike ride, a walk, or fresh air.

Life lesson:  go outside whenever possible. It’s a prosperity tool.




Follow your bliss

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” — Joseph Campbell

Following my bliss means enjoy daily sunshine, phone and in-person conversations, sharing a good meal, and expressing gratitude.

The more I have, the more I am grateful.

I connected two friends who live on opposite sides of the country. What they have in common, besides me, is they are Texans, love jewelry, and are both extraordinary women. Now they are friends. That brings me so much bliss and joy.

How do you follow your bliss?



Today’s a GOOD🍀 LUCK day!

Today, Friday the 13th, is a GOOD LUCK day! The sun’s out, so FUN’s out. It’s the end of a hard-working week. It’s SUMMER and we can stay up late. It’s the beginning of a week-end. It’s a friends and family day.

I am NOT a Friggatriskaidekaphobic.*

I am a life optimizer and optimist.







*If you happen to believe in bad luck,  read more at:

Have a GREAT day!  I will.