Coffee and computers mix, not mingle

So, today this blog is tardy due to the coffee + computer disaster I experienced over the weekend. My apologies. It was completely my fault. I own it. I am consumed with remorse and life-lesson #109,998,652.

To make it all better, on time, and no more tardy work, my wonderful, generous, handsome husband sent me out to purchase a new laptop. Success! I highly recommend a company called epc (it’s a nationwide gold mine). Huge SHOUT OUT to Don, the service technician and Tony, the sales dude. They were great.

Now, I sit in front of my new-to-me (refurbished hp) laptop to write, explore, and create. The sky is the limit!

Life lesson: what you can walk over, walk over. What you can walk around, walk around. NEVER hand-off a full cup of hot coffee over a computer.



emojis and photos forthcoming.

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