Pieces falling into place

The Tru Hotel is almost complete. The final touches are underway: windows washed, welcome signs on the front sliding glass door, gas lights installed around the building, floodlights shine on the colorful tiles, and new employees scurry about holding supplies. I remember the annoyance of the beeping and hammering sounds and Mark telling me, ” it sounds like progress.” I pleaded for its completion and silence.

the new Tru Hotel by Hilton

Our apartment is finally cozy: I’ve added a few live plants and they add such a nice touch. I made two more pillows for our bed to complete the beach/ocean/warm scene in our sanctuary.

purple calla lilies, peace lily, succulents, herb garden

My Road Trip Tuesdays🚙 offer me new insights into neighborhoods I’ve not yet explored (in the eighteen months I’ve lived here).

True friendships need nurturing, and my heart is full when I think of the wonderful friends I share my time with.

Settling in is a process. It takes time and patience. Looking back I was different:  a little lost, unsettled. Today, I’m confident, secure, and resolved. Oh, what a difference time makes! All the pieces are falling into place.

Time is magic. How does this resonate with you?



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