Baseball experience, continued.

The baseball game experience had a wonderful ending.

The Metrolink train arrived and all of us Cardinals fans streamed into the cars and took our seats. It was filled to the brim when we rolled away. Arriving at the Stadium a few minutes later,  my excitement (and nervousness) grew.  I exited the train, climbed the stairs, and saw the imposing Busch Stadium sign to my left. I encountered a man selling tickets, just as I stepped onto the sidewalk, I asked him how much, and he asked me, ” How much do you want to pay?” I replied, “Twenty dollars.” He showed me the seating chart and tried to raise the price, but after a few seconds, he handed me a ticket, I handed him a twenty-dollar bill and walked away delighted!

So, I took my seat, right behind home plate, in the imminent shade. I was giddy!!! Turns out, the shade didn’t reach our row, so I moved up a row, in the shade. Cut the story: Three men arrived and one said I could stay in my shaded seat, as his friend wasn’t coming.  So, I had nice seatmates, a great seat, AND the game was awesome! The Cardinals won and fireworks verified it.

Getting home proved the need to pay attention. I streamed onto the wrong train. I was chatting with a lovely woman (about Book Club, the cancer center, old St. Louis) and looked out the window to see nothing familiar about my destination. Turns out, I was on the Blue Line, rather than the Red Line. So I got out, waiting for the next Westbound Red train, and continued my route to my car.

Lessons learned: Ticket scalpers are honest. The train has two lines. Now I know how to get to the Galleria Mall. People are helpful and friendly.




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