Sun and hugs cures the blues

Waking up to sunshine definitely has its advantages. I feel energized as I throw off the covers and pop out of bed. I plan my day accordingly, including outings that allow the car’s sunroof to open and the sun to shine on me.

Hugs from my HH are the BEST ‘medicine’ too. He envelopes me in comfort, wisdom, safety, and peace. He is an endorphin maker!

The blues for this happy girl are as follows: new noisy neighbor above us stomps around as if she’s bowling. So far, no resolution for a quieter step. The hotel construction (lasting one year) across the street continues drilling, reverse beeping, and hammering. Yes, it is progress. Yes, the finished hotel will be lovely. But today, it’s very distracting and noisy. My peaceful apartment is not such a sanctuary. Writing is challenging with so much noise.

As much as I “spin” bad to good, some things win. At the end of the day, I am me. I am normal. I am living my best life. I am happy and grateful.

Tip: Turn the blues around not by DON’Ts, but by DOs.

How do you spin bad to good?




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