Travel then home: groovy, baby!

Our trip to Washington, DC, and Maryland was a complete success! Mark went to his course and he is now a Baldrige Examiner ( My pride and respect for this man increased again!

I was fortunate to see some special places and people whilst I was there. I saw some dear friends from our Baltimore days, cousins from my dad’s side of the family, and two girlfriends from our Abu Dhabi days. Thank you, Facebook, for keeping this world small and connected.

My take-home lesson is this: staying connected to friends and family (and in my case framily {friends I consider family}) is essential for a full life. It takes effort and planning to coordinate the meet-ups, and the rewards are worth it! Thank you, Mark, Lisa, Peggy, Sidney, Susan, Maureen, Tim, Jeanne, John, Meg, and Tamar.

This blogger is feeling happy, grateful and oh-so-groovy!

Please join me in saying prayers for everyone on the Big Island of Hawai’i during this volcano event.




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