Full: my heart, my house, my life

Waking up to sunshine warms my heart. Knowing that my youngest daughter is in the ‘guest room’ FILLS my heart!  NOTE: I hope someday my eldest daughter comes to visit me too. {hint hint}

Showing T our new home delights and excites me. We have sun-up to sun-down plans. She’ll need a vacation from this vacation. Today is the only day she can sleep in ~ well, she did have a 45-hour day yesterday after all.

My life is great: I’m happy, healthy, and have love.



T & me at the Butterfly House

❤️ 🇺🇸 #HonorTheFallen

I said a silent prayer yesterday. To honor the fallen who fought for the country I call “home.” Because of these brave, I am free. Because of their strength, belief, and conviction, I am free. I honor them. I thank them.

Living in different places taught me to appreciate “home” in many ways. My “home” is where my heart and family are.

Prayers, thoughts, intentions to all who served, serve and will serve.



Warm, grateful, thoughtful weekend

As the sun shone on me and warmed and tanned my body, I felt equal warmth in my heart. My gratitude extends to our friends Kim and Mike for sharing their backyard.


Saturday night spent with girlfriends filled my heart more. My friend Toni shared her friends with me and we enjoyed a downtown St. Louis place.

Today, Mark and I will enjoy the sounds of the Glenn Miller Band and more sunshine.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. I reflect on the service men and women who gave their lives to our country, so I can write and live in peace and freedom. For that, I am forever grateful.



LOVE everywhere you LOOK

From sea to shining sea….over bridges, through cities and states…meeting new people and eating new foods, I had a most excellent week in the lovely, green, warm, welcoming city of Birmingham, Alabama with my friend Mary.

As Mary drove, I navigated. The stretch of highways lay between walls of rock and huge, green trees that enlightened my soul.

This is lovely country and made sweeter by generous and loving friends.

Thank you to all military people for their dedication to our country, every day AND this Memorial Day weekend.



Beauty in Birmingham

To fully appreciate the  Beauty in Birmingham we went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. To see the trees reaching up to the sky, the flowers blooming to their fullest expanse, to see  The blue sky smiled on us through the white puffy clouds.

Then we crossed the street to the Birmingham Zoo to see the elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippopotamus, emus,monkeys, fox and wolves.

Beauty abounds in this place. Rain fell on us like glitter in a parade. The sun peaked in and out of the clouds and teased us all day.

Then the time came to meet the man we came here to see. He is a tall, handsome 90-year old man named Bill. He welcomed  us into his home with a warm hug and a big smile. Having lost his wife less than a year ago, I could tell that the house was still full of love and her charm. We sat on the sofa listening to his stories of his work, family,  children, grandchildren and  great- grandchildren.

Life is good, abundant, and for sharing with loved ones.



Here I go again…

Travel while you’re young and able. My mom just returned from a cruise to Cuba. She’ll be 83 at the end of this year. I plan a big trip annually, small trips monthly and road trips weekly.

Go places you’ve never been. Today I’m heading to Birmingham, AL  with my friend Mary, (an NDB).  We’re heading southeast for seven and a half hours.

Don’t worry about the money; just make it work. Gas is cheaper than airplanes and friends are more valuable than millions of dollars.  Careful and thorough searching yields inexpensive hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.  I love Road Trips and exploring and adventures.  To the naysayers: I know you need money to travel, so save up and spend wisely!!

Here I go again!! 🚙




Sun and hugs cures the blues

Waking up to sunshine definitely has its advantages. I feel energized as I throw off the covers and pop out of bed. I plan my day accordingly, including outings that allow the car’s sunroof to open and the sun to shine on me.

Hugs from my HH are the BEST ‘medicine’ too. He envelopes me in comfort, wisdom, safety, and peace. He is an endorphin maker!

The blues for this happy girl are as follows: new noisy neighbor above us stomps around as if she’s bowling. So far, no resolution for a quieter step. The hotel construction (lasting one year) across the street continues drilling, reverse beeping, and hammering. Yes, it is progress. Yes, the finished hotel will be lovely. But today, it’s very distracting and noisy. My peaceful apartment is not such a sanctuary. Writing is challenging with so much noise.

As much as I “spin” bad to good, some things win. At the end of the day, I am me. I am normal. I am living my best life. I am happy and grateful.

Tip: Turn the blues around not by DON’Ts, but by DOs.

How do you spin bad to good?




It’s always time

Every day we’re offered twenty-four hours. What we choose to do with those hours is our choice. I choose FUN, happy, generosity and tuition.

FUN: what I do to laugh and enjoy my moments.

HAPPY: a choice I make no matter what the situation.

GENEROSITY: giving of oneself for nothing in return. Smiles are free.

TUITION: I learn from every situation, mistake, accomplishment, and person.

It’s always time to have FUN, be happy, exhibit generosity, and pay tuition.

Your thoughts?




Love the Momma day….

To all the Moms out there: Yay YOU!










To my mom: I love you!

























To my mom-in-law: I love you!










To my daughters: thank you for choosing me as your Mom. I love you!!!!

Happy Momma’s Day, today and every day.