Drive carefully, safely, and friendly-ly

My first experience with the law in Missouri was not as FUN as I planned. Officer Friendly gave me the gift of a speeding citation on a city street. He claimed I was driving highway speed, which I certainly was not.

I went to court to plead my case. The judge was a pleasant woman who lacked lipstick and a smile. She was clear and fair and ordered me to take driver’s school.

In the comfort of my home, I took an online driver’s school and passed with flying colors. When I called the court to clarify the court number, the court clerk told me this court does not accept online courses. [sigh] So I quickly called the online course, canceled my test and requested and received a full refund.

Take Two! I registered for an in-person course. I arrived on time and prepared. The teacher was a special-ed teacher with 21 years of experience teaching these drivers classes. She began by showing us a video; then another, and another and at 3:00 pm the last video played. She handed us our Certificate of Participation & Completion of Driver Improvement Program upon declaring aloud what new thing we had learned from all the videos. We all passed.

As I drove carefully and slowly on to the highway toward home, I noticed all the other drivers who could benefit from this class and those videos.

Stop texting, applying make-up, talking on the phone, reading and fumbling around while driving!

I will drive more carefully, safely and, as Miss Congeniality, more friendly!





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