Lesson: BE yourself

I’m learning to adjust to cold, snow, layering my clothes, and flying in and out of the STL airport.

I do miss my expat life.

My STL friends are very dear to me. We have FUN and explore together, which fills my heart with joy.

In everyone’s life, there are ups and downs, friends, and experiences.  I write about mine and read about others’. The common lesson is BE yourself. My interpretation is:

🌺 You do you.

🌺 Stay true and authentic to who you (me) really are.

🌺  Have FUN every day!

Another great gift in my life are my life-long friends: from elementary and high school (shout out to Robin, Lori, Julie, Julie) to college (shout out to Kim and Shari), to all the places I’ve lived. I recently had a conversation with another expat spouse (shout out to Anne) who confirmed that we all want to make friends, overcome struggles and thrive in our lives.

Be well. Be yourself. Be the reason today is amazing!



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