April Fool’s!

April 1st has some interesting history.

Researched by Sarah Robertson indicates it’s been celebrated in the UK since the beginning of the 19th century and children were commonly the victim of its jokes. But a school of historians believes it goes back many years earlier – to the days of the 14th-century poet Chaucer. Andrea Livesey, a historian from the University of Bristol, said: ‘Some have argued that a story told by early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century – where a fox plays a prank on a rooster (who is almost eaten because of it) – is the first reference to pranks taking place on the first of April.’ FRANCE – CIRCA 1900: April fool. (Pic: Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images) Another school of thought is that it comes from calendars. This is because thousands of years back in Roman times there was a celebration called the Renewal Festival when it was the start of a new season and things went a little haywire in society with servants playing jokes on their masters. March is the time of the Spring Equinox, so people think the joker tradition could come from this with those who celebrated the new year in January thinking the ones who continued to celebrate it at the end of March had to be fooled and had jokes played on them. Fishing is also another theory because in some parts of Europe, back in the 15th century an April Fool’s Day prank is to stick a fish to someone’s back and it is actually known as April Fish Day in some areas of Europe. While we don’t know its origins for sure, come 1 April you’d better be alert and not get pranked!

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