Chess is FUN! ♚

There’s a place in the Central West End of St. Louis called the World Chess Hall of Fame. In front of the door stands the world’s largest chess piece and its certificate. Across from that is the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis where anyone can go play chess and learn how to play chess…which is what I just did.

Learning how to play chess as a kid made me happy and added to my arsenal of entertainment. Over recent years, I learned other things: trekking in the desert, kite surfing, powered hang-gliding, SUP, ocean surfing, to name of a few. Last night I re-learned chess and rediscovered my enjoyment of it.

Paired with a new, demure mommy (who is also a data analyst), we played very strategically and competitively. She was a formidable opponent and put me in checkmate as our beginner lesson came to a close.

New games, new friends, more FUN.

Aloha ♞,


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