Another discovery

I took a road less traveled…and I discovered some interesting things.

I ventured out from the middle of the city of St. Charles searching for a party rental facility. After driving through many smaller cities, I came upon an industrial area, replete with enormous buildings, rows of 18-wheeler trucks, and some with helicopter pads.

Finding the party rental warehouse, I met Melanie, a delightful, easygoing woman from whom renting chairs was a piece-of-cake! (party humor)

The drive back home, in the SUNSHINE, was along another new-for-me road.

So begins year two of discoveries in my new city.

Aloha 🌺,



Waking up to 🌞🌞🌞🌞SUNSHINE🌞🌞🌞🌞


The sun is out…the sky is blue! This girl’s delighted, that is true! I’ve waited (im)patiently for the clouds to clear, and the rain to pass, now the SUN IS HERE!

So the coffee tastes better; the sky looks clear. The crisp air beckons, “Come on out here!”

I’m happily going out today to enjoy the sunshine. Oh, what a difference the weather makes in this girl.

Aloha, 🌞🌞


View from outside our living room!!

Give me a project…

Give me a project and I’m scurrying around:  repurposing and creating props and decor, shopping for the perfect ingredients for food, drinks and FUN. I cut, glue, stick and hang my creations.  Excitement fills me up and propels me to awake early and retire late.

Whatever your “project” is today, attack it with zeal, heart and a good glue gun!



Another NDB in the Lou

Definition: NDB – Never done before

Suggestion: Do one every day

The NDB I found myself loving: playing ten rounds of trivia in a huge room of St. Louis Policemen and Policewomen, new recruits, and friends.

Arriving at the Pageant, on the famous Delmar Loop, cooler and shareable dinner in hand, we had no idea how the evening would go, but our expectations of FUN were high.

The FUN began as we arrived at our table of friends, and ended as we bid adieu in the parking lot under the bright city lights. We pooled our food and libations on the big, round table, answered questions, ten questions per round, as read by the professional radio announcer, then handed our well-thought-out answers to the new police recruit (spiffily dressed in a cadet uniform with shiny black shoes.) It’s interesting what we remember from elementary through high school!

Find FUN in every day and share it!




Win-Win: sushi and friends

My favorite quote is: “We’re going out for dinner!” And so we (usually) choose sushi. Since we needed some provisions at the grocery store, we chose to go to Sushi Ai, near the Schnucks. Win #1.

As we sat in line, waiting to hear our number 40 called by the hostess, a young couple came in, retrieved their number, and searched for a seat on the already crowded “wait-you-turn bench.” I noticed the woman in a dress and assumed she’d been working all day and preferred to sit. Since I had been sitting, I offered her my spot on the bench, and she accepted.  Mark and I struck up a conversation with her and her husband (normal for us) and then the moment arrived: the hostess called 40!

We said our goodbyes and went to our table.  A quick discussion led to inviting them to sit with us, and they accepted. Win #2!

Turns out it was his birthday (I love the Happy Birthday song!) so together we ate our sushi, shared stories, sang the song when his complimentary dessert arrived and exchanged phone numbers. Shout out to Chris & Barb: so nice to meet you!

Life lesson: Say HELLO! Share your table. Make new friends. Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet. HAVE FUN EVERY DAY!





Be calm, careful and consistent.

I was lured into a scam trap yesterday that still has me reeling.  A dear, long-time friend “reached out” to me on Facebook messenger and I fell into the trap. She really didn’t reach out….someone hacked her page. Then, I followed the trail, and for several hours, I answered questions to this person posing as an attorney in Chicago.

My gut repeated, “No, this is not right! How can this attorney have all this time to do this?” I regret my actions. I awoke in the middle of the night rehashing my actions, the answers I provided, what that evil person will do with my information.

Sometimes the hackers are so good, we are fooled. I am uber skeptical now and remain on high alert. The irony is how do we know when our friends are really sharing with us?

Take home lesson: verify before reply.

My calm has returned and I will be more careful and consistent in my communications on social media.

Facebook did reply to my report. I hope they will be on high alert too. As a community, we all enjoy the social part of meeting new people and keeping up with others on social media. I hope Facebook will stop these people.

Stay well, safe and in touch!



Three life lessons, as taught by the beach

When you need to “get away” from your current location and/or situation, head to a beach. Look up to the sky. Be grateful. Give thanks.










When you need some therapy, take a walk, call a friend, buy the shoes.






And when you’re fortunate enough to go to the beach, slap on some sunscreen, attach your sunnies, walk in the sand, watch the sun set along the horizon.



Life is oh-so-good.




On Golden Gulf

Marco island on the Gulf.

A steady stream of beach walkers pass me by. Collecting shells & swapping tales.

One fisherman, George from Angola/New Jersey, carefully monitoring three poles, surveys the vast Gulf. I’ve already seen him catch three juvenile sharks and return them to the water.

Not one swimmer.

The golden sun warms the beach, the water (albeit not too much), and my cheeks. Note: yes, I’m slathered in SPF50.

This white sand paradise fills my heart and soul.