Snow outside❄️, sunshine inside🌞

Remnants of the Christmas snow are still on the ground. Last night a dusting of more snow filled in the gaps. Yes, it’s quite snowy and cold outside, but I’ve found some sunshine inside two places in our ‘urban neighborhood.’

Inside the Massage Luxe spa is a lovely, spunky young woman named Ericka. She provides the best seaweed facials I’ve ever experienced. As research for this post, I enjoyed the one-hour treatment, including a free enzyme mask, and my heart burst with sunshine, warmth, and joy at the end.

Another inside sunspot is Edamame, a Japanese sushi restaurant. The manager, Miki, is extraordinary. Her radiant smile warms my heart when I see her. She is so artistic and creative, I enjoy looking at her, listening to her and learning from her. She will embark on a new adventure soon, so she will be sorely missed from her sushi spot.

Have you found some warm, sunny spots where you live?

When it’s cold outside, find warmth inside.




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