Turning the frown🙁 upside down ☺️

When it’s raining, clean a closet. When it’s cold, read a book.

When your friends live elsewhere, call them on the phone.

When it’s my turn to make dinner, consult the experts.

When you miss sports, go to a local game. Look in the mirror and smile.

When it’s time for a break, get on a plane.

This blog will take a much-needed hug and kiss my daughter vacation break. Please revisit us 1 February.

Wishing all good things for all of us.

Find FUN in everything! Have FUN every day‼️




They all count…

There are joys, heartbreaks, milestones, and memories. They all count. There are true friends, fleeting friends, FUN friends and important friends. They all count. There are great shoes and painful shoes!







I’ve learned a great lesson: they all count. They make up our life, our experiences, our story.






Choose wisely and keep the real ones close. I am forever grateful for the friends I have in my life. I realize it often; I verbalize it frequently; I give thanks for them daily.

Today is one of those days I say, “Thank you, for being in my life!”

Aloha 🌺,



Joys and experiences

I awoke with a new life theme: joys and experiences! Yes, I will make these my mission for 2018.

Yesterday I felt joy as I experienced meeting three new people: Kim, Mike, and Jody. We joined another Meetup group, specifically Empty Nester / Transplants to St. Louis. We met in a bustling locale and moved to a quieter living room. We sat and chatted for several hours and began to nurture the new friendship.

Today, my heart filled with joy as we met our new friends Kim and Mike and introduced them to our friends Kathleen and Jeff. Over coffee, we told stories, shared belly laughs and planned our next experience.

It takes time, but friendships are out there…..

Find the joys, plan the experiences.



Snow outside❄️, sunshine inside🌞

Remnants of the Christmas snow are still on the ground. Last night a dusting of more snow filled in the gaps. Yes, it’s quite snowy and cold outside, but I’ve found some sunshine inside two places in our ‘urban neighborhood.’

Inside the Massage Luxe spa is a lovely, spunky young woman named Ericka. She provides the best seaweed facials I’ve ever experienced. As research for this post, I enjoyed the one-hour treatment, including a free enzyme mask, and my heart burst with sunshine, warmth, and joy at the end.

Another inside sunspot is Edamame, a Japanese sushi restaurant. The manager, Miki, is extraordinary. Her radiant smile warms my heart when I see her. She is so artistic and creative, I enjoy looking at her, listening to her and learning from her. She will embark on a new adventure soon, so she will be sorely missed from her sushi spot.

Have you found some warm, sunny spots where you live?

When it’s cold outside, find warmth inside.




New year, new habits

Beginning a new year causes me to think of new things I want to have, do & be in my life.  I took on some 30-day challenges and here I am on day 3 to report:

#1: do yoga every day.

#2: continue writing in my gratitude journal.

#3: explore my city with wider-open eyes.

#4: no complaining.

#5: remove toxic and uncaring people from my life.

So far, so good.



Happy 2018!🎉

The sun is bright in the St. Louis sky….but the temperature is negative seven (-7ºF). There’s a spring in my step, thanks to that sunshine. I welcome anything on sunny days!

To you, my dear readers, I send wishes of love, hope, prosperity, and mirth!

To our world, I wish for PEACE and HEALTH.

Happy 2018 to all. Make it the BEST year so far.