Flip the page!

Twelve months, 365 days, countless experiences and lives touched. We can flip the page on our calendars, revealing the end of this year.










Next week, we begin again. Counting the days, but more importantly, making the days count.

As I recounted my experiences of this year, I remember what I have and what (and who) is important. I will continue to add to my Vision Board, my Gratitude Journal, and my online presence through this blog. The gifts of friendship, time, and memory fill my heart.

Build the buildings, friendships, and memories. Cheers to another trip around the sun!




Zoom went this year ☄️

One year ago…

Mark and I drove from Dallas, TX to St. Charles, MO. We unpacked our belongings and prepared for our new adventure.

Along the way, we made some dear friends, learned about indoor arena football, wineries, and walking through life as empty nesters.

Today, we have experienced all four seasons (NOTE: I still only like two of them) and know how to layer when it’s 7ºF outside.

I traveled to Dallas, TX, Anaheim, CA, Honolulu, HI Orlando, FL, Anchorage, AK, Ottawa, Canada, Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, and O’Fallon, IL.

I’ve let go of many things too: things that and people who don’t bring me joy, clothes I’ve enjoyed and recipes I’ll never repeat. I continue to focus on people, places, and things that inspire me.

New year, new goals. New Vision Board. I am grateful for what I have and release that which I don’t want.

Cheers to leaving 2017 behind and ringing in 2018!

Any thoughts?



This came from Positive Thoughts


Wherever, Whatever

Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, I send my best wishes to you.

In times of sadness, darkness and despair, know there’s light.

In times of cold, dreary, weariness, know there’s light.

In times of sunshine, warmth, and joy, please share that.

Happy Winter, y’all. All my love to you.



Night antes de Navidad

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the casa,

Not a creature is stirring, Caramba, qué pasa?

The stockings are hanging con mucho cuidado –

In hopes that St. Nicholas will feel obligado.

To leave a few des choses ici et là,

For lui et elle (y something for me.)

The ‘atfal are snuggled all safe in their camas,

Some in mulabis and some in pajamas.

Their little kefália all full of good things,

They’re all periméno gia what Santa he brings.

Whatever you celebrate, enjoy tonight,

Mele Kalikimaka to all, and to all a good night!







Forty Years Ago in Dallas, TX….

Do you remember where you were December 21, 1977, when The Deep, the Thriller/Action movie about the undersea adventure of a couple splashed into theaters?  I was sitting next to the “man of my dreams” from my high school, Mark Schnitzer. Yes, that was our first official date. We sat together, him watching the movie, me with my face buried in his arms. Good planning on his part!  😉

NOTE: Star Wars launched that year too, but that’s another blog entry.

Well, today marks forty years since then and we’re still cuddling in movies.



Travel teacher

Travel teaches us patience, humility, and humor-boosting powers. I feel that I got an extra lesson yesterday. After an underground fire in Atlanta (Delta’s hub) causes thousands of flights to be canceled, including ours home, Delta Airlines put us on three flights, each about 15 minutes apart and an hour in duration. At first, I was irritated. The lovely clerk at JFK waived the $25 baggage fee when I voiced my irk. (I take poetic license to make this verb into a noun.) It certainly wasn’t our fault!

After a careful thought, I came to realize how much it took to reroute all the passengers and bags, how thankful I am to be safely home, and how creative and dedicated the Delta teams are to getting passengers to their final destinations.

So what I learned is enjoy the proverbial travel bumps in the road/air. Breathe deeply, laugh often and just enjoy the way-over-priced Southwest Chicken Salad at the airport.




Bells are ringing, people are singing. Parties all over the world.

Me last night at our apartment soiree

It’s cold and grey here. I’m rustling up some cheer. I wish the beach was near.

Morning view

I see all the pics of years gone by the island, beach, sun, blue sky.

Hmmm my family is far, yet close to the beaches. We’re out for snow. Oh no, take cover!

I’m grateful for memories, dear friends, my daughters. My holiday wish is for reunions, and often.



Progress and gratitude

The hotel across the street is coming along…loudly. I hear beeps and buzzes and hammering. My husband hears progress. I am grateful that it’s progressing and look forward to its completion. 😉

I am grateful my friends and family are in my life and are warm, fed, safe and decorated for the holiday season. I so look forward to seeing some of my family over the weekend.

I am most grateful for my Mark. He stands by me. He sets out coffee for me. He really loves me.

I keep my gratitude journal up-to-date. What are you seeing as progress and grateful for????