A voyage through music 🎻

Click, click, click ~ choose the event, sign up, pay, print the ticket. That’s how our lovely evening went to see the Chamber Project St. Louis. The musicians, sharing the same stage as the audience, included a flute, violin, viola, cello, and harp.

The setting: a renovated synagogue in the historic area called the Delmar Loop. The stage: the former space of the bimah and arc, set up with one hundred chairs in a semi-circle facing the musicians and the sanctuary.

The concert began with a marvelous piece called “Umoja” which means “unity” in Swahili, by Valerie Coleman. ¬†Following was my favorite piece of the evening called “The Song of the Lark” by Charles Rochester Young, featuring the flutist making sounds on her gleaming flute mimicking the wind and a lark almost imperceptible to the real things with my eyes closed.

Living, learning and exploring our new hometown…still checking off the “to do and see” list.

Have you discovered anything new lately?



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