Challenges, photos, world-wide shares

I am always fascinated and intrigued and usually included in challenges, and worldwide shares on social media. I enjoy taking the quizzes, posting old photos (#TBT throwback Thursdays),  funny jokes and memes and recently the seven-day black & white photo challenge. This one, you take a photo of something, with no people, no explanation, and share them one a day for seven days and challenge one new person a day to do the same. I was challenged by my high school friend, Debbie, who lives in Dallas.

In turn, I’ve challenged friends in Arizona, Hawai’i, Alaska and Ft. Worth so far. I love how people accept the challenge and forge their own creativity. I saw that some of my friends overseas are posting photos for the challenge too! Not only is a clever way to see interesting photos, from all over the globe, but it also involves people in something FUN, happy, free and creative.

If you haven’t been tagged/challenged to join in, please accept this as my invitation to you to share a photo on this blog post of something you saw, photographed in black & white (you can change the photo from color to B&W on your camera phone by clicking EDIT). I’d love to see what you see.



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