My SoCal trip is ending; it was so great to be here. The palm trees, sun, and ocean made my head and heart so clear.  Seeing Tara was such a treat,  pure joy that filled my heart.  I’ll see her again very soon;  in our family, she’s always a part.

I reunited with a few dear friends, like no time has ever passed. I’m grateful they are in my life, treasures that really last!

Thanksgiving comes every year, but everyday I say a little cheer. Thank you for my wonderful life; I’m grateful to be the momma and wife.



“Fill up the heart” meter is rising

Some ways to feel good are bubble baths with candles, trips, meals with loved ones, shopping, driving nice cars, cooking good food. I like all those too, and seeing my daughters and dear friends.

I have been in California for three full days and have experienced heart-filling joy,  serendipity and love. The first day I was here we went to see our old neighbors who lived in the house right below us. What began as a five-minute visit turned into longer chat, meet their kids and tour  their RV.

Then, while experiencing a pre-Black Friday shopping spree, we ran into our former kid sitter when she recognized me just walking up an aisle. I haven’t seen her since her wedding over 10 years ago. We visited with her and her mom and her son (who I haven’t seen since he was a baby.)  That beautiful serendipitous event of joy and reconnection really warms and fill up my heart.

Meeting up with two girlfriends for lunch also feels my heart and rises the meter!  I am so grateful for my girlfriends. Another girlfriend even chased me down on Facebook to meet me somewhere for a chat. Lucky me!!

Tip: Stay connected…. it’s a heartwarming experience.




That’s a lot of popcorn!

Over the weekend, we saw a remake of the movie, “Murder on the Orient Express.” Last night I saw the new movie, “Lady Bird.” Anyone who knows me knows my mantra: a movie is incomplete without popcorn…so, I ate a lot of popcorn in the past 48 hours. And the movies were entertaining.

Does this count for a Film Club? I miss Cinema Space and Leading Ladies.

I must declare: I’m ready for a FUNNY movie, with a spot of dancing and singing.

What movie have YOU seen lately? Any recommendations?



A voyage through music 🎻

Click, click, click ~ choose the event, sign up, pay, print the ticket. That’s how our lovely evening went to see the Chamber Project St. Louis. The musicians, sharing the same stage as the audience, included a flute, violin, viola, cello, and harp.

The setting: a renovated synagogue in the historic area called the Delmar Loop. The stage: the former space of the bimah and arc, set up with one hundred chairs in a semi-circle facing the musicians and the sanctuary.

The concert began with a marvelous piece called “Umoja” which means “unity” in Swahili, by Valerie Coleman.  Following was my favorite piece of the evening called “The Song of the Lark” by Charles Rochester Young, featuring the flutist making sounds on her gleaming flute mimicking the wind and a lark almost imperceptible to the real things with my eyes closed.

Living, learning and exploring our new hometown…still checking off the “to do and see” list.

Have you discovered anything new lately?



House Rules:

Must obey the House rules:

Dream BIG ~ Love your family ~ Laugh together ~ Have FUN!! ~ SHARE ~ Listen to each other ~ Say please and thank you ~ Try new things ~ Help each other ~ Always tell the truth ~ BE KIND ~ DO an NDB (Never Done Before) daily ~ Forgive and forget ~ Do your best ~ Give lots of HUGS & KISSES ~ Respect each other ~ Sleep late ~ Take long walks ~ STAY IN TOUCH.

On this week before American Thanksgiving, I share these rules, honor these rules and remind myself of these rules. I am most grateful for my family, my FRAMILY (friends chosen to be family), and my life inside of these rules.

Do your best day!




Challenges, photos, world-wide shares

I am always fascinated and intrigued and usually included in challenges, and worldwide shares on social media. I enjoy taking the quizzes, posting old photos (#TBT throwback Thursdays),  funny jokes and memes and recently the seven-day black & white photo challenge. This one, you take a photo of something, with no people, no explanation, and share them one a day for seven days and challenge one new person a day to do the same. I was challenged by my high school friend, Debbie, who lives in Dallas.

In turn, I’ve challenged friends in Arizona, Hawai’i, Alaska and Ft. Worth so far. I love how people accept the challenge and forge their own creativity. I saw that some of my friends overseas are posting photos for the challenge too! Not only is a clever way to see interesting photos, from all over the globe, but it also involves people in something FUN, happy, free and creative.

If you haven’t been tagged/challenged to join in, please accept this as my invitation to you to share a photo on this blog post of something you saw, photographed in black & white (you can change the photo from color to B&W on your camera phone by clicking EDIT). I’d love to see what you see.



Lesson from an awesome yoga class

I enter the studio. New teacher! Yay. The lovely welcoming music fills the space. I set up my mat in my favorite place in the room. I set my intention. She begins. We breathe, stretch, smile. As the class progresses, (the signature format includes several rounds of sun salutations then a guided flow then “on your own flow”) The tempo, poses, and lessons she sprinkles in delight me. Rivulets of sweat fall from my forehead and nose. I’m in my zone.

Lesson: be present to the magic of movement, music, and self.

Dancing Shiva ~ photo credit to L. Wilson ~ New Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE