Don’t save it, enjoy it!

Wear the dress! Use the wine glasses! Refresh the flowers! Put on the nail polish! Tie on the tie! Squirt out the lotion! Make the calls; send the texts; write the letter! Don’t wait to enjoy it all, do it now!

I’ve realized that the wet wipes dry out if you “save them.” The dress will go out of season if it just hangs in the closet. The shoes won’t feel as good in the box as they will on my feet.

Hearing the voices of dear friends makes my heart sing. Receiving real greeting cards in the mail sends joy down my spine. Opening the mailbox to see envelopes from loved ones is like sunshine in that small opening!

Make today amazing: use the stuff, call your friends, eat the cake!



My gratitude list


Today I celebrate another lap around the sun.  I’m in “mid-life” so I’m going to take a leap here and say, the 50s are the new 30s. I like to journal all the things I am grateful for, so today I share. This list is in no particular order, but I’m deeply grateful for each entry.

  1. my parents, Annette and Hank
  2. my brother
  3. my MarkSchnitzer!!
  4. my Grandma & Nana
  5. my Framily
  6. making donuts
  7. my education (Greenhill, W.T.White, Texas A&M, Landmark Education)
  8. my BFFSTG
  9. my Emily
  10. my Tara
  11. my Julies
  12. my health
  13. coffee
  14. knowing Michele, Kathie, Lori & Grandon
  15. nail polish
  16. living in five US states and two foreign countries
  17. floating on the Dead Sea
  18. sushi
  19. beekeeping class
  20. sunshine
  21. beaches
  22. scuba diving
  23. my sense of adventure and travel
  24. National American Teen pageant (Finalist)
  25. National Aerobics Championship (Bronze winner, Regional)
  26. dancing at half-time on the field of a professional indoor soccer game
  27. power hang gliding
  28. kitesurfing
  29. ocean surfing
  30. stand up paddle boarding
  31. repelling (though I did NOT like it)
  32. seeing an opera in Oman
  33. hiking in the Arabian desert
  34. hiking in Jordan
  35. hiking in Alaska
  36. white water rapids in Alaska
  37. cruises
  38. Gluten Free food
  39. traveling in a private plane
  40. going on the Good Year blimp, twice
  41. driving in an armored car with a police escort
  42. swam with a dolphin named Spot
  43. meeting Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of USA
  44. meeting Ambassador of Japan
  45. meeting Ambassador of Italy
  46. meeting Ambassador of Egypt
  47. social media, staying connected and reconnected with friends
  48. writing my blog consistently since 2011 (
  49. writing for an international website (
  50. mostly being a “yes” to new things
  51. my language skills
  52. knowing Zuzu
  53. being invited
  54. Irises
  55. my mobile phone
  56. celebrating another amazing, FUN, eye-opening year on Earth

These are the things I’m most grateful for…on this, my birthday #56.


What are you grateful for?




Happy Saturday!

As I watch the leaves dance on the trees, the sun climb higher in the sky, and the cars jet past the building, I begin my day with positive, happy and hopeful thoughts. My intention for today is to enjoy and absorb everything that comes my way.

My wish for today: feel the sunshine on your face, the kindness in your heart, and the joy in your soul.



October through my eyes

The construction site out our living room window is progressing: it’s two-stories tall now (out of five).

Looks like Fall: Grey skies, rainy, low 70s.


  • The gym is brimming with members on machines, small groups of exercisers, blasting dance music, attentive trainers and clever decorations.


Happy Fall, y’all!

Happy October!












Add a smile

When you see someone without a smile, share one of yours.









Help find good in all situations.








Welcome gestures begin with a smile.

Stand tall, smile.











I, too, am sharing a smile and my positive thoughts during these times.