Boo! 🎃👻👣🍬

The month complete, the cold begins, the morning is dark, and we say, “trick or treat.”

This time last year we were in a different country, with different  friends, celebrating differently.  Many things have changed ~ me, for example.

How has the past year changed you?

Another memory floods my brain: the first time we took our kids “trick or treating”, they discovered  if they knock on a door, say the ‘magic words’, they’d get candy. Simple as that. Their little feet didn’t even touch the ground as they ran from house to house, after that first realization.

Stay safe and warm tonight as you make your way from house to house, collecting treats, photos and joy.

I wonder what St. Charles, MO does on Halloween…..



8, 7, 2

Dallas trip complete…. I saw eight dear friends, seven family members and two ladies from my childhood. AND I completed the move-in, purge, organize, straighten, hang-up-the-pictures task that I came here for. Whew….










I slept until 9:00 am today. 😳

Life is good. People are funny. Have FUN every day.




Another road trip…🚙😀🇨🇱

My little Jeep is on the road again….this time to Dallas, TX. 🇨🇱 We left promptly at 8:15 am and arrived at our destination at 6:30 pm. Good timing, especially considering the beginning of the road trip was pouring down rain!🌧

Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals: no rain, no traffic, no construction. I drove listening to my favorite country artists, loud and proud. I have a mission to accomplish here, and FUN always comes too.

Today is a sunny, crisp start of a busy week. Many accomplishments to look forward to by weeks’ end, as well as family and friends to see.

What are you planning this week? Happy Monday!



Creative and clever

Last night I organized an event for the expats, repats and “intellipats” on behalf of the St. Louis chapter of I am a Triangle ™️.  We met in the quaint section of St. Louis to make candles by hand!

Once you walk in over the monogrammed threshold, you are greeted by a helpful, cheerful team member, and hundreds of harmonious scents. The order is explained, the clipboard and pen distributed and the creation begins.

After smelling all of the hundreds of choices, I chose Straight Razor, Sea Breeze and Goji Berry for my candle scent. I stirred and poured the mixture into my chosen purple 8oz glass with the wick carefully centered (and glued).

Our group went to eat a fantastic meal, while our candles cured. We returned to be greeted by the owner who handed us our personalized gift bags with our candles carefully wrapped inside.

Every candle will look and smell differently….creative and clever. This is a great outing for morale and team building, friend nurturing. People, like candles, are different and the same.




Lovely leaves, sunny skies and good girlfriends

A drive along a country road: top down, hair blowing, radio singing and conversation continuing. That’s what I experienced yesterday.  My new friend, Mary, showed me a lovely scenic road, lined with gold, red and green trees, heading to a small town. It looked as if it stopped in time, but then I saw construction and renovations and modern additions.


Exploring a new city takes time and insight. Yes, Yelp, maps, magazines and the internet adds to the ease….but nothing is better than a new friend sharing her experiences and enthusiasm.














Explore then share.










Lucky day today (Friday the 13th)

I’ve always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day. I choose happiness, joy, and FUN.

I look outside and see the sun peeking through the clouds. I see the construction site cleaned up every afternoon and begin early every morning. I see my weekend plans coming to fruition. I count my blessings and all the things I see that money can’t buy.

I am lucky. Today is a good day. Find the “lucky” the “funny” and the FUN in everything.

How do you feel about Friday the 13th?