I <3 people!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two expats in my neighborhood. I met a Russian watch repairman who took another customer and me through his journey to America. He is a hard-working, family-oriented, community building man. Then I met a Vietnamese manicurist who spoke beautifully in English: conversation and jokes!

Throughout a day, how many people do we meet who moved to America, either by choice of their own, or their family? It’s quite fascinating that so many people come to this country to live, work and grow, and some are here and, sadly, are unappreciative.

I love people, and who they are, and how they arrived here. Just ask and they will share their story.

Have you met any expats (moved from another country), repats (moved back to their passport country) or intellipats (people who love discovering new “homes” ) lately??



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