Life lesson #1,907,635

Here’s what I learned last weekend:

  1. Making friends takes time, love, nurturing and support.
  2. Stay in touch with friends.
  3. Invite them to join you in FUN activities and somber events.
  4. Write, call, mail them.
  5. Welcome them into your life and family.
  6. Consider them FRAMILY (friends you choose as family).
  7. Go on trips with them.
  8. Laugh, cry and love them with all your heart.
  9. Stay in touch with them!!
  10. Go on kicka$$ vacations with them and always tell them you love them.

That sums up my weekend with my Baltimore FRAMILY. These eight people (four couldn’t come this weekend) were in my life from  the beginning of my Baltimore journey (when HH was an intern through the 7-yr residency) until we welcomed our first kids (some of them welcomed two kids in that time!) The stories we remembered; the places we went; the gym we worked in; the memories were many.

I feel blessed to have them in my life.

Life lesson: Make great friends and KEEP them near and dear to your heart. It takes effort, and the reward is the greatest, treasured gift of life.



Our Baltimore FRAMILY at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN 2017


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