Florida findings

Dolphin hotel– There is a man pacing and talking aloud — obviously using a wireless microphone . I see two men who look like to other men I know. There’s a painter,  a cleaning man, a construction worker, and many people milling about. People stare up at the big wall hanging. People hug and kiss; then wipe off the kisses. Some people are tall, some people are short. Some people are very thin; some people are not. Most of the people look happy, busy, preoccupied, friendly.

The rushing sound of the fountain drowns out all the conversations, rolling rubbish bin, screaming kids and hammering in the great room.

Disney Springs is different. Organized people and places. Strollers abound. Parents attempt to: keep peace, stuff mouths with teeny bites of food, shade the little faces from the sun and have some fun. The bus drops off and picks up guests from neighbor hotels in proper line-winding fashion. There are food and cocktails galore. There are live shows that capture imagination, wit, guts and glory (Cirque du Soleil) and guitar players singing their hearts out to every genre of music ( House of Blues).

Big plus: there are GLUTEN FREE goodies & options at most food outlets.

This lively, lovely place was spared by hurricane Irma’s mass destruction.  Vacations, conferences and careers continue.

Enjoy your day!!

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