Life is a treasure

“Only good lies before me.” said Louise Hay. She was a visionary, author, thinker and classy lady. Ms Hay passed away 30 August 2017.

I have begun internalizing this statement for myself.  Ms Hay also teaches, what you think and believe, you get. So, understanding that thoughts create actions which create your life, I choose to think positively.  I know there are sad, bad and unkind things happening in the world. I’m not discounting any of it; I choose to find the good in it. I believe the Universe conspires to our happiness, therefore the Law of Thinking will bring ‘us’ to find good in what happens in the world.

Recently I’ve experienced good coming out of bad. I’ve been the witness and grateful recipient to goodness arising from heartbreak.  I believe in goodness. I will keep sharing and spreading love and goodness as long as I’m breathing.

One more quote from Ms Hay: “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” I believe loving others works miracles in our lives too. Our lives are a treasure ~ live that.



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