I <3 people!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two expats in my neighborhood. I met a Russian watch repairman who took another customer and me through his journey to America. He is a hard-working, family-oriented, community building man. Then I met a Vietnamese manicurist who spoke beautifully in English: conversation and jokes! Throughout a day, how […]

Life lesson #1,907,635

Here’s what I learned last weekend: Making friends takes time, love, nurturing and support. Stay in touch with friends. Invite them to join you in FUN activities and somber events. Write, call, mail them. Welcome them into your life and family. Consider them FRAMILY (friends you choose as family). Go on trips with them. Laugh, […]

Gratitude journal

Every successful billionaire, business person, positive psychologist and motivational speaker exalts the practice of journaling and documenting gratitudes.                             I discovered an app for journaling my gratitudes which I complete every night at nine o’clock. (3 Good Things, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/three-good-things-a-happiness-journal/id1242079576?mt=8) It’s free. I’m on […]

Wander Wednesday👟

Today is a good day to wander: take a walk, hike in a new area, fly a plane, explore a new forest/beach/jungle. Wander through a bookstore, hardware store, warehouse store, art exhibit. Fill in the blank: wander anywhere. Share your wandering ~ with me too, please. I’m wandering to Orlando, Florida today. I’ll share my […]

Life is a treasure

“Only good lies before me.” said Louise Hay. She was a visionary, author, thinker and classy lady. Ms Hay passed away 30 August 2017. I have begun internalizing this statement for myself.  Ms Hay also teaches, what you think and believe, you get. So, understanding that thoughts create actions which create your life, I choose […]