I <3 people!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two expats in my neighborhood. I met a Russian watch repairman who took another customer and me through his journey to America. He is a hard-working, family-oriented, community building man. Then I met a Vietnamese manicurist who spoke beautifully in English: conversation and jokes!

Throughout a day, how many people do we meet who moved to America, either by choice of their own, or their family? It’s quite fascinating that so many people come to this country to live, work and grow, and some are here and, sadly, are unappreciative.

I love people, and who they are, and how they arrived here. Just ask and they will share their story.

Have you met any expats (moved from another country), repats (moved back to their passport country) or intellipats (people who love discovering new “homes” ) lately??



Yoga pose: friend of the Universe

Do what makes your heart sing!

Do what you want, what makes your heart sing and what makes you happy! Spark joy and passion in your heart. Get all you can out of every day and every year. Remember, the days are long, but the years are short.  Make GREAT friends who you choose to have around…that’s your FRAMILY.

Go for it!

And remember to love, show gratitude and be humble all along the way.

I have done just this. It’s made a world of difference in my outlook, my health, and my thoughts. Of course, some days have blips, but most days are fantastic.



Life lesson #1,907,635

Here’s what I learned last weekend:

  1. Making friends takes time, love, nurturing and support.
  2. Stay in touch with friends.
  3. Invite them to join you in FUN activities and somber events.
  4. Write, call, mail them.
  5. Welcome them into your life and family.
  6. Consider them FRAMILY (friends you choose as family).
  7. Go on trips with them.
  8. Laugh, cry and love them with all your heart.
  9. Stay in touch with them!!
  10. Go on kicka$$ vacations with them and always tell them you love them.

That sums up my weekend with my Baltimore FRAMILY. These eight people (four couldn’t come this weekend) were in my life from  the beginning of my Baltimore journey (when HH was an intern through the 7-yr residency) until we welcomed our first kids (some of them welcomed two kids in that time!) The stories we remembered; the places we went; the gym we worked in; the memories were many.

I feel blessed to have them in my life.

Life lesson: Make great friends and KEEP them near and dear to your heart. It takes effort, and the reward is the greatest, treasured gift of life.



Our Baltimore FRAMILY at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN 2017


Smashing Nashville

We arrived in time to hug and kiss our friends, then head out to explore the singing, band-filled, laughing and dancing city that is Nashville.

We found ourselves in this lovely bar where two different bands played. Jeanne and I jumped on the dance floor with the bride and her bridal party and dance to a completely wonderful & “favorite” song. They are all our favorites.

We walked to the famous Ryman Auditorium. We had a lovely tour with George as a tour guide. He explain the rich history of the building, all the artists who began their careers there, and we saw several dressing rooms adorned with photographs.

A quick stop at the new, huge and lively FGL HOUSE finished our evening.

This city, like New York or Paris, is colorful, loud, energizing and full of fun and talent.

Friends like this are a true gift and the life experiences that brought us together are forever etched in my mind. Making new memories fills my heart now.

More to come…



Friends from our Baltimore days, 1987-1994.
This guitar pick shaped sign indicates all the venues with live music…which is everywhere!

Gratitude journal

Every successful billionaire, business person, positive psychologist and motivational speaker exalts the practice of journaling and documenting gratitudes.















I discovered an app for journaling my gratitudes which I complete every night at nine o’clock. (3 Good Things, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/three-good-things-a-happiness-journal/id1242079576?mt=8) It’s free.

I’m on the road again….so very grateful for a reunion of friends. Have you started your journal? Do you write it or type it?

I’m grateful for you, dear reader!




Travel bug 🐞

I’m back from Florida and packing for two more trips. I have a travel bug!!! Here I come Nashville and Dallas!  To see the world and my friends brings so much joy to my heart.

Spending time with my HH is a gift. Empty Nester has its advantages.

From planning to going, travel teaches and delights me. I see, eat, smell and do new things in every place I visit.

Time spent in our new home also offers newness: there’s new weather to explore, the trees are starting to change colors, and I made a new friend on my last flight, so lunch is on the books today.

I’m thankful, beyond words, for my amazing life.

Where are you going next?



Florida findings

Dolphin hotel– There is a man pacing and talking aloud — obviously using a wireless microphone . I see two men who look like to other men I know. There’s a painter,  a cleaning man, a construction worker, and many people milling about. People stare up at the big wall hanging. People hug and kiss; then wipe off the kisses. Some people are tall, some people are short. Some people are very thin; some people are not. Most of the people look happy, busy, preoccupied, friendly.

The rushing sound of the fountain drowns out all the conversations, rolling rubbish bin, screaming kids and hammering in the great room.

Disney Springs is different. Organized people and places. Strollers abound. Parents attempt to: keep peace, stuff mouths with teeny bites of food, shade the little faces from the sun and have some fun. The bus drops off and picks up guests from neighbor hotels in proper line-winding fashion. There are food and cocktails galore. There are live shows that capture imagination, wit, guts and glory (Cirque du Soleil) and guitar players singing their hearts out to every genre of music ( House of Blues).

Big plus: there are GLUTEN FREE goodies & options at most food outlets.

This lively, lovely place was spared by hurricane Irma’s mass destruction.  Vacations, conferences and careers continue.

Enjoy your day!!

Fun Florida

HH and I were here twenty-six years ago with wide eyes, a few dollars to spend and a to-do list. We took on the rides, restaurants and snacks. Today, it’s a bit different.

HH has a conference: to learn how to improve and inspire techniques and theories in his new position. Me, I’m here for a change of scenery.

I explored the outer banks ( literally) of the Walt Disney property by boat, the slide, pools and the grand lobby of our hotel, and a recommended restaurant with long time friends for dinner.








Today, we head out to explore the area: the magic of Disney. Last night’s rain cleaned the air, so today is clear, sunny and FUN-inducing.



Wander Wednesday👟

Today is a good day to wander: take a walk, hike in a new area, fly a plane, explore a new forest/beach/jungle.

Wander through a bookstore, hardware store, warehouse store, art exhibit. Fill in the blank: wander anywhere.

Share your wandering ~ with me too, please.

I’m wandering to Orlando, Florida today. I’ll share my findings on the next blog post.



Life is a treasure

“Only good lies before me.” said Louise Hay. She was a visionary, author, thinker and classy lady. Ms Hay passed away 30 August 2017.

I have begun internalizing this statement for myself.  Ms Hay also teaches, what you think and believe, you get. So, understanding that thoughts create actions which create your life, I choose to think positively.  I know there are sad, bad and unkind things happening in the world. I’m not discounting any of it; I choose to find the good in it. I believe the Universe conspires to our happiness, therefore the Law of Thinking will bring ‘us’ to find good in what happens in the world.

Recently I’ve experienced good coming out of bad. I’ve been the witness and grateful recipient to goodness arising from heartbreak.  I believe in goodness. I will keep sharing and spreading love and goodness as long as I’m breathing.

One more quote from Ms Hay: “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” I believe loving others works miracles in our lives too. Our lives are a treasure ~ live that.