Dallas doings

Still in Dallas, packing and purging. The bright sun wakes me up and the stars bid me goodnight. Moving is a full process.

Sharing laughs, tears, memories, and new promises. I believe this is what a full life looks like.

My gratitude level is on overdrive. I feel rich and blessed. To see my parents living their marriage vows is empowering and inspiring. The collection of stuff, not so much (wink wink).

My brother and I are fortunate: we have our parents here, and we have each other. This week has been a blessing. I’m counting it like I counted the saved coins in so many piggy banks!




Home then gone

Arriving home to our apartment, after an outstanding three days on the Lake of the Ozarks, I’m greeted with love, cozy, and my pretend ocean view.

The laundry, dusting, and kitchen organizing remind me I’m loved, cared for and protected. The sushi dinner acknowledges that I’m nurtured, spoiled and well-fed.

Now I’m off on a big NDB: my first solo road trip. I’m driving to Dallas, TX to see my family. I will show them love, nurturing, protection and how much I care for them.

Tips: stop and smell the roses/coffee. Do things you’ve never done before. Acknowledge and appreciate all you have, get to do, and are.



Lake life

My gym friend, Mary, invited me to join her at “the Lake” for the weekend. I gratefully and gleefully accepted. She said she is expecting a furniture delivery. I said, “Great!”

As this is my second time at “the Lake,” – we came here with my Triangle/Texas/Aggie friends Jeff and Kathleen- ( see Memorial Day blog post) I just knew it would be fun.

I was unprepared for the enormity of everything: the Lake, the homes, the WaveRunner, the meals, the FUN!😎 This is an NDB overload!!

In my gratitude journal I’ve highlighted this Lake weekend,  including the spectacle of speed boats preparing for a Shoot-Out race,  the fly-over in V formation of two dozen geese, the baker’s dozen of geese on the lawn at sunrise, the family of deer who greeted us as we arrived and left in the Wheeeeee car each day, and the graceful blue heron that glide and eat at the Lake’s surface.

The peaceful place offers a retreat from city life. Even though there are speedy boats zooming up and down the main channel, the sounds are different, and offer a new realization of my new life. Here my soul can refill with lots of fresh air. Here is where I see water. Here the sun blazes dramatically all day and kisses my skin gently ( yes, I wear 50SPF). Here I chat with my new friend and we share this experience.

Where to you refill your soul?



Memorial stop

While driving, I saw a sign indicating a veterans memorial site. Whenever I see those signs, I pull over and pay my respects. I am grateful to the men and women who served our country, and humbled that they gave their lives.

Here’s the one from today:


I pray that someday cities won’t need memorials…because there are no more wars.



Happy Eclipse Day! 🌒😎

Happy Eclipse Day!

I’m so excited to see this eclipse! I’m going to work with Mark so we can watch together. I have our special solareclipse glasses marked “ISO 12312-2″ that were gleefully distributed by our local library. We are fortunate to be in the line of the totality.

There are stories in local news outlets reporting heavy traffic along the highway, port-o-potties set up for people pulling over, delays, and the like. There are old stories reporting historical incidents where people didn’t use the special glasses and have hurt, ruined or damaged their eyes. And there is already the Google doodle:

Today’s Google Doodle






Stay safe, careful and prepared. This, according to VOX science: this solar eclipse will cut across the entire United States. And wherever … The eclipse will peak at 10:15:35 am PDT, when the moon obscures 74.2% of the sun. 9:02 am .




credit: science: howstuffworks.com

Represent and enjoy everything

In our new home, we sought out like-minded and FUN people. Last night, we experienced some of them. There was an SEC (The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is an American college athletic conference whose member institutions are located primarily in the Southernpart of the United States, WIKI) party to kick off the Fall football season. We went: dressed in our university colors and with expectancy for FUN. We were not disappointed:

Our school represented on the big screen!


Our friends, Kathleen and Jeff,  were with us in their maroon splendor and enthusiasm. We did what Texas Aggies do: we gathered (at our self-proclaimed former student table) ate, laughed and told stories.

Our Former Student table…
Our MO framily: Jeff, Kathleen with Mark, & Denise


Mark has two degrees from TAMU; me one.  And the love of our school and friends surpasses even the number of years since we were on the College Station campus. A good time was had by all.


Gig ’em, Aggies!



Just a walk in the woods 🍂

Yesterday I chose to walk in the woods, over a treadmill.

I chose the great outdoors over the air-conditioning.

I was among the tall trees, the singing cicadas, and the chirping birds, over the whir of a machine.

I walked on dried leaves, exposed tree roots, sand, mud and compressed dirt, over the cadence of the treadmill belt.

sand beneath my feet

What I saw was lovely nature. I heard animals. I smelled fresh morning. I heard real sound.

Every once in a while, it does a body and mind good to get outside, change the routine, be grateful for Mother Nature. It’s almost fall, y’all…make every last-minute of summer count! Lace up your shoes; fill up your water bottle; spread on some sunscreen; charge up your camera/phone and take a walk in the woods (or wherever you can get some fresh air and sunshine.)




YOU be you!

Wear what you like. Eat what you know your body needs. Enjoy your chosen profession, you do it everyday. Listen to your favorite music. YOU be YOU!

19th century author and poet Oscar Wilde so brilliantly stated, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

I love when I see people embracing their natural self:

This gorgeous woman has fantastic hair!



I love purple….I wear some everyday. What do you do, that you love, that is specific to you?



Fair time of the year

I have been a HUGE fan of county and state fairs for years.  The Orange County and Los Angeles County fairs annually captured my attention and creativity.   I won nine (9) ribbons in the Los Angeles County Fair over several years – first, second, third and fourth place – for sewing and beading.  I’ve enjoyed fairs at the state level in Texas, Maryland, Utah, Hawaii, and now Missouri.

The colors, smells and sounds are like nothing on Earth.  There are people who really know how to do fairs (like us), and some who go for the concert only. Last night we saw two newborn babies at the Missouri fair! That was a first!

My favorites are the gyros, corn-on-the-cob, and super-iced-cold water. In my distant past, I enjoyed the funnel cake, corny dog, turkey leg and deep-fried anything. Once, at the LA County Fair the featured food was chocolate wrapped deep-fried bacon and deep-fried bubble gum. None of these delicacies are Gluten Free.

My recommendations are: Attend a local fair (State or County). Dress super comfortably. Wear great walking shoes. Stay hydrated. Eat your way through: at the end of the night, the person with the worst tummy-ache wins! Attend the after dark concert. You’ll be glad you did!