A trip of green, friendship and adventure

My husband and I recently vacationed in Alaska visiting some of our Abu Dhabi and Alaska friends. It was his first trip to AK and my second.  Our anticipation grew after our friends sent us a detailed itinerary of our week-long adventure. We were a “Yes” to everything listed, no hesitations. NOTE: prices, transportation options and meals were carefully and clearly listed.

Landing in Anchorage was lovely: we flew over snowy mountains,  warmly greeted by our smiling and warm hug-filled friend Kym, and landed at night while the sun was still brightly shining in the sky.

Over the next week, we hiked, boat-cruised, drove, ate, laughed, and reunited with  old friends Loretta, Kathryn and Brian. We saw the gorgeous landscape of Anchorage, Homer, Seward and Girdwood, and made new memories. We slept in a yurt, a tiny house, and a lovely home. We saw halibut and salmon, humpback whales, sea otters and sea lions, several glaciers and two moose.

one of the beautiful trails.
Our mighty men: Mark, Will, and Sam.
Mark along a trail.
Denise & Kym, mid-hike (6.5 miles) at the base of a glacier, at Glacier Lake.

The trip concluded with plans to meet again soon. True friendships can withstand distance and time…it takes nurture, patience, love, understanding, and effort to keep all that.

Another reunion ~ Kathryn, Loretta, Denise & Kym.
Sea otter











Quality time with friends is really great therapy. For me, getting to spend time with all these friends filled my heart and warmed my soul.






Reconnect and stay connected. It’s so worth it. I’m almost packed for my next friend therapy-reunion.




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