Vibrate love!

Love is all around:

The sun comes up each morning. The stars come out each night.

We enthusiastically surround ourselves with friends, family and faith.

I believe in the greatness in my life… I am so grateful for it all. I am happy.

How are you today?



Road trippin’

This weekend finds me cruising up I- 7O from St. Louis to Indiana.  The skies are clear, the clouds are white and puffy and our Abu Dhabi framily greeted me with strong hugs and yummy snacks.

Reminder: stay connected…see friends…laugh, tell stories…make new memories and live large.



Another reunion

A text: I’m coming to town. Can you meet for a drink?

Another text: How about dinner? Reservations at 7:00.

They meet at the restaurant at the appointed time. They greet warmly. They order and eat. They begin where they left if no time has passed. They met each other in 1989, in Baltimore, MD. Another life ago.

A reunion of friends. Priceless.

Friends are family you choose. I call that framily.  That was my experience last night. Tip: call/text your friends and see them!



Summer fun finds

The weather is sunny and warm, almost scorching, with temperatures rising to 102° plus 84% humidity. What to do outside?


  • Hiking trails
  • County fairs
  • Thrift store shopping
  • Make or attend a pool party
  • Visit a local lake
  • Spend extra time at the gym
  • Scan photos from days gone by
  • Drink plenty of cold water ( I love mine with lots of ice.)



Whatever you choose, have FUN! I am so grateful for the sunny skies and no rain!!! I have seen more things in my new city since summer began. Exploring is simple: fill up the car with gas/petrol; put on a smile and positive attitude; choose a direction and GO!

Making the most of these sunny days surely creates memories; and I will reflect on them as soon as the snow starts to fall.

What have you discovered this summer?



Me at the gym

Are you joyful and grateful?

Looking out the window, while my HH (handsome hubby) drives, I enjoy seeing the tall, varied and green trees along the roads. I see different colors and models of cars. I see tall and short buildings. I am grateful for my eyes and the sites I see.

I giggle at our conversations, bumper stickers and billboards. I am joyful in our new adventures.

Gifted two tickets for a matinee comedy show, we program our WAZE app, drive to the venue, secure covered, complimentary parking (note: it’s 102° outside) and our joyful and grateful hearts gleefully walk into the building where the theatre greets us at the top of a narrow escalator.

The show* was delightful, clever, original and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We are grateful for the generosity of friends.

As our fun-filled day comes to a close, I jot down my three gratitudes. I am truly blessed and try to be a blessing to others. A good, daily reminder for everyone:  Be catnip: a great source of pleasure and joy.



*the show was “Church Basement Ladies” a musical comedy by Janet Letnes Martin, Suzann Nelson and Curt Wollan

Give, show and spread joy

An Apple a day…

For the past few days, three specifically, I’ve had experiences at Apple Stores ~ one in West County and one in St. Louis.

They even sent me an Apple survey to complete online, asking questions about my time in the store, my “Genius” who helped me, and what other products do I have.

I feel better about my iDevices now… with hands on personal tutorials, I have conquered my “what if I…..” fears and learned some handy tips for organizing, publishing and protecting my files and photos.

Do you have any funny/interesting Apple stories?







Purple is the BEST color

More  photos to share from Alaska…this time, highlighting my favorite color. Yes, purple has been my fave since I was two years old (so says my mother) and could say the word. I love the iris, pansy and all other purple flowers. The majority of flowers in bloom in Alaska during our week-long stay were purple.

What color in nature thrills and delights you?



A trip of green, friendship and adventure

My husband and I recently vacationed in Alaska visiting some of our Abu Dhabi and Alaska friends. It was his first trip to AK and my second.  Our anticipation grew after our friends sent us a detailed itinerary of our week-long adventure. We were a “Yes” to everything listed, no hesitations. NOTE: prices, transportation options and meals were carefully and clearly listed.

Landing in Anchorage was lovely: we flew over snowy mountains,  warmly greeted by our smiling and warm hug-filled friend Kym, and landed at night while the sun was still brightly shining in the sky.

Over the next week, we hiked, boat-cruised, drove, ate, laughed, and reunited with  old friends Loretta, Kathryn and Brian. We saw the gorgeous landscape of Anchorage, Homer, Seward and Girdwood, and made new memories. We slept in a yurt, a tiny house, and a lovely home. We saw halibut and salmon, humpback whales, sea otters and sea lions, several glaciers and two moose.

one of the beautiful trails.
Our mighty men: Mark, Will, and Sam.
Mark along a trail.
Denise & Kym, mid-hike (6.5 miles) at the base of a glacier, at Glacier Lake.

The trip concluded with plans to meet again soon. True friendships can withstand distance and time…it takes nurture, patience, love, understanding, and effort to keep all that.

Another reunion ~ Kathryn, Loretta, Denise & Kym.
Sea otter











Quality time with friends is really great therapy. For me, getting to spend time with all these friends filled my heart and warmed my soul.






Reconnect and stay connected. It’s so worth it. I’m almost packed for my next friend therapy-reunion.