Enjoy the journey ~ Find the balance

Blessings come with burdens. New, bigger house is nice and more to clean and organize. Two cars are liberating and come with more trips to  gas stations and car washes. New jobs teach new lessons, introduce new friends and require more meetings, conferences and day trips. Our feelings are favored and frustrating.

Maintain a good attitude and keep the blues at bay. Scanning photos from 1977 to about 2016 has my emotional roller-coaster on high alert and working overtime.  While I am so happy to digitize all the hard copies then send them to my friends and family, I get melancholy seeing my children as wee-ones, all the family trips, silly faces, hand-made clothes and costumes; it went by way too fast. I get weepy knowing they are only memories now.

T & E in mommy-made dresses in May 1997

We are in it to win it… have a “can-do” attitude.  I will get through these times. I will find the silver linings. I will never give up, ever. There are new things in my future..new friends, new photos and new adventures. I will find the balance: great memories and new futures.

Any thoughts?



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