Home is where the 💜 is.

From sea to shining sea, people love, move, live and explore. Some people stay in one place all their lives. Others travel and seek.  I love to travel; and I love living in different places. Initially change has its challenges, then becomes peaceful and comfortable.

One of my favorite things to do is learn languages, or at least catch phrases that I can use to strike up a conversation. I recently found myself the third in a group of three women. I asked about place of origin, one woman said Korea and the other said Russia/Azerbaijan. So…..as is my custom, I squealed out the phrases I know in Korean and Russian. We all had a good laugh and quickly were on level ground. A friendship began. My mantra: the more languages one speaks, the more friends one can make. Our “home” becomes bigger with more people in it.

As I walked down the hall in my building, I saw this new floor mat:


I’m inspired by others who are like-minded, open-minded and curious.  Indeed, home is where the heart is; and there is sweetness within.





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